6 Essential Style Tips for College Men

6 Essential Style Tips for College Men

College is a time to change many things, including your style. You need to get rid of the clothes you used to wear in high school and adopt a more mature sense of style. Obviously, many things are running through your mind as a new college student. In addition to having new peers, an unfamiliar syllabus, and maybe even a new living arrangement, you also need to start considering things such as a new style. It may not be a bad idea to look at other celebrities for inspiration on what that new style could be. For example, you may want to look at professional tennis player John Isner who is a part-time model with his own custom John Isner Racquet.”

This article will outline six essential style tips for college men to help you find the style that will suit you and help give you an edge when it comes to your social life, comfort, and confidence, which will a positive impact on your education. To find helpful style tips to help you have a better life in college, explore the wealth of information on MenStyleFashion.


If you manage to find a fashion style that suits you, you will gain confidence no matter how you look. As a young college man, your positive attitude and confidence will help you discover what you stand for and who you are, in addition to helping you value yourself and engage with young women.

If you were the quarterback in high school, wearing your team jersey will help you stand out; however, you will stand out for the wrong reasons. Unless you want everyone to consider you the biggest douche in college, ditch your jersey. You need to understand that different values and rules apply in college; therefore, you need to adapt as soon as possible.

Fortunately, you do not need to do much to update your style in college. Six essential style tips for college men that will help you fit in and even stand out in a positive way include:

Do your Homework

People go to college to learn new things; however, they do not acquire all the knowledge in the classroom. This is a fact you need to consider and understand, especially when it comes to fashion. Therefore, you need to do your homework and get a style degree even before you get to college. No one comes into this world with a great fashion sense; rather, fashion is something that people learn. Fortunately, when it comes to finding style tips for college men, you will find a rich source of information on the Internet, in addition to finding amazing bargains.

Find the Right Fit

Wear whatever feels comfortable at home. When it comes to college events, classes, and meet-ups, however, an oversized, stained, and/or embarrassing outfit will not do. You need to avoid wearing such inappropriate outfits at all costs. If you need to buy a new outfit, make sure that it fits; otherwise, do not waste your money on it.

Do not put too Much Stock on Fashion Trends

Unless you plan to pursue a career as a model or fashion influencer, do not waste your money on trending and/or expensive fashion items. Instead, go for timeless fashion with classic combinations, textures, patterns, and colours. This will help you look laid-back and cool.


It is almost impossible to go wrong with jeans unless you previously lived in a deserted island where you made do with animal hide and leaves. Granted, anyone can have a difficult time choosing between the numerous descriptions and labels attached to a pair of jeans. If you find yourself facing this problem, simply go for a pair that fits you well, in addition to having a single colour.

Jaded London Jeans Trousers

Jaded London

Chinos and Corduroy Pants

To switch your look and make it more interesting, consider chinos and corduroy pants, which are a hit right now. Even better, you will enjoy wearing them in and getting a feel for them, and, as an added bonus, they will still look good months later, just like jeans.

Neutral chino trousers for men


When it comes to picking six essential style tips for college men, it is impossible to overlook trainers. Finding a great pair of affordable trainers to complement any look is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse or a few taps on your mobile device. You will find a huge variety of future-looking, old school, out-there, and garnish trainers to fit any fashion style.

In addition to being one of the most important periods of your life, college should be one of the most exciting periods as well. To gain a head start on your peers, you need to look sharp every day and make a positive statement with your style. It does not matter what size you are, how tall you are, or how you look. Everything will depend on your confidence.

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