Carbon fiber is a material used in Boeing 787 airplanes, rockets and race cars. It is a material that is strong and lightweight, which will make them more fuel-efficient or faster. It is becoming more and more popular in production cars for both the car frame and parts as well as interior parts. MenStyleFashion tested the special carbon upgrade of the Bentley Bentayga which had a carbon spoiler and interior parts.

Besides the weight and performance benefits people like the way that carbon fiber looks where you can see the weaving pattern. It is this look that has inspired Common Fibers to make a whole range of lifestyle accessories from wallets, eyewear, bottle openers, passport holders etc.

About Common Fibers

Founders Ann and Gabe Mountjoy have a history of making carbon fiber race cars and back in 2013, they set out to make carbon fiber casual for everyone.

This meant re-imagining what carbon fiber can be. They did lots of testing and came up with the world’s first carbon fiber hinge, the CF-Flex. In 2014 they launched their first carbon fiber wallet successfully on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Since then, Common Fibers has grown into a full fabrication facility, with over 150 product items selling worldwide. It is a family-owned business operating from Seattle in the USA.

LMX carbon fiber leather bifold wallet from common fibers

The LMX carbon fiber leather wallet matches the interior found in many supercars.

LMX – Carbon Fiber Leather Bifold Wallet

The innovative carbon fiber wallet range consists of six different styles of bifolds and we take a closer look at the LMX – Carbon Fiber Leather Bifold Wallet. This is a wallet that has carbon fiber on the outside and a top grain leather interior on the inside. It comes in 5 different interior colors, tan, grey, black waxy, red waxy and blue waxy. The wallet has space for a total of 8 credit style cards, it has RFID blocking and has bifold cash storage. The branding is very minimal with a metal part displaying the Common Fibers logo on the outside. For those that want to personalise their wallets, there are custom engraving options available.

LMX carbon fiber leather bifold wallet from common fibers

Carbon fiber on the outside and waxy blue leather on the inside.

LMX carbon fiber leather bifold wallet from common fibers

LMX carbon fiber leather bifold wallet from common fibers

There is space for 6 frequently used credit cards and 2 less frequently used ones.

The wallet for the car enthusiast

With all the interior colour options as well as the performance style aerospace-grade carbon fiber, it really feels like you are having a supercar in your pocket. This must be the best way to carry your money and it is a real statement piece when you pull it out.

LMX carbon fiber leather bifold wallet from common fibers

The Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale

There are some good discounts to be had at Common Fibers products:

  • Up to 50% OFF all wallets and accessories
  • Spend $75 get a free carbon fiber bottle opener