Wallets – 5 Different Styles For Your Back Pocket

Wallets – 5 Different Styles For Your Back Pocket

Let’s be brutally honest for a moment, when it comes to fashion and style us gents are an uncomplicated bunch, we know what we like and we stick to it. Unlike our female counterparts, who chop and change their outfits on an almost daily basis, we men are not dictated merely by fads and whimsical winds of fashion, we’re a loyal bunch – if we find a brand we like, chances are we shall return to purchase from said brand time and time again – who like to keep our style sharp and our fashion not overly fussy.

Of course, there are men who break these rules, the trendsetters, groundbreakers, the men who simply want to stand out from the crowd, yet in the main, conformity is the order of the day and while there is nothing wrong with this approach to the ways in which we present ourselves, change as they say is as good as a rest.

One subtle yet elegant way to break these traditional habits is through our choice of accessories and more specifically the wallet we carry in our back pocket. The wallet is perhaps the perfect example of us men and our troubles evolving with the ever demanding changes in style and fashion; men love to have one wallet and seem to see it as some kind of honour that their wallet clings on to life no matter how beaten or frayed it is. We have clothes, shoes and even accessories (ties, hats etc) for each occasion so why not wallets?

The wallet should accompany your outfit, it speaks volumes for your character and can easily blend in with the correct outfit making it an essential tool in your accessory kit.

Here’s a quick look at wallets for five very different occasions.

1. Classic Leather Wallet

Picture this: a wallet that’s been through the wringer, yet stands firm, much like a seasoned sailor. This is your classic leather wallet. It’s the trusty steed in your accessory arsenal, ready to tackle the daily grind. From swiping cards at the coffee shop to stashing those receipts you’ll probably never look at again, this wallet is a testament to durability and timeless style. Opt for one that marries functionality with finesse, offering enough compartments for your cards, cash, and the odd coin, without turning into a bulky mess.


Bellroy wallet ‘Note Sleeve’ in tan


Status Anxiety ‘Nathaniel’ wallet in brown

Slim Card Holder

Imagine a sleek, nimble companion for those nights when the motto is “travel light.” Enter the slim cardholder. This little dynamo is perfect for the minimalist who values efficiency over excess. It’s the secret weapon for a night on the town, holding just your essential card, ID, and some cash. The beauty of the slim cardholder lies in its unassuming presence; it’s there when you need it, without the bulk of its larger counterparts. It’s a nod to the adage “less is more,” proving that sometimes, the smallest packages pack the biggest punch.


Dosh ‘Blade Diablo’ cardholder


J Fold ‘Altrus’ card holder in brown/tan

The Event Wallet

Now, let’s talk about the big guns – the event wallet. This is the Rolls-Royce of wallets, reserved for those moments that call for a touch of class. We’re talking weddings, galas, and any occasion where your shoes are as polished as your manners. Choosing a finely crafted leather wallet for these events is akin to selecting the perfect tie; it’s all about complementing your outfit and making a statement. The event wallet is your silent ally, exuding elegance and sophistication, ready to make an appearance when the moment is just right.


Berg & Berg suede lined wallet in oxblood red


Slim Timber ‘Zebrawood Bifold’ wallet

The Travel Wallet

Ah, the travel wallet – your globetrotting companion. This is not just any wallet; it’s a veritable Swiss Army knife for the modern traveler. With compartments for your passport, boarding pass, and even a handy pen slot for those pesky customs forms, the travel wallet is the epitome of functional chic. It’s the trusty sidekick that keeps your essentials organized, ensuring you’re ready to jet set at a moment’s notice. In the world of wallets, the travel wallet is the seasoned explorer, always prepared for the next adventure.


Bellroy passport wallet ‘Passport Sleeve’ in tan

The Phone Case Wallet

In an age where our phones are practically glued to our hands, the phone case wallet emerges as the ultimate hybrid. It’s the modern man’s solution to the age-old dilemma of too many things to carry and not enough pockets. By merging your wallet with your phone case, you streamline your essentials, ensuring you’re never without your lifeline or your means to pay for that next coffee. It’s a nod to practicality, with a dash of innovation, proving that in the world of men’s accessories, evolution is key.


Distil Union ‘Wally Case’ iPhone 5/5s wallet case in black/black

So there you have it, five wallet styles that are sure to elevate your accessory game from mundane to magnificent. It’s time to break away from the one-wallet-fits-all mentality and embrace the diversity that these styles offer. After all, in the tapestry of men’s fashion, it’s the subtle threads that often weave the most compelling stories. Let your wallet be more than just a repository for your cash and cards; let it be a reflection of your style, your personality, and your journey.

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