Let’s be brutally honest for a moment, when it comes to fashion and style us gents are an uncomplicated bunch, we know what we like and we stick to it. Unlike our female counterparts, who chop and change their outfits on an almost daily basis, we men are not dictated merely by fads and whimsical winds of fashion, we’re a loyal bunch – if we find a brand we like, chances are we shall return to purchase from said brand time and time again – who like to keep our style sharp and our fashion not overly fussy. Of course, there are men who break these rules, the trendsetters, groundbreakers, the men who simply want to stand out from the crowd, yet in the main, conformity is the order of the day and while there is nothing wrong with this approach to the ways in which we present ourselves, change as they say is as good as a rest.

One subtle yet elegant way to break these traditional habits is through our choice of accessories and more specifically the wallet we carry in our back pocket. The wallet is perhaps the perfect example of us men and our troubles evolving with the ever demanding changes in style and fashion; men love to have one wallet and seem to see it as some kind of honour that their wallet clings on to life no matter how beaten or frayed it is. We have clothes, shoes and even accessories (ties, hats etc) for each occasion so why not wallets? The wallet should accompany your outfit, it speaks volumes for your character and can easily blend in with the correct outfit making it an essential tool in your accessory kit.

Here’s a quick look at wallets for five very different occasions

Classic Leather Wallet

We all need an everyday wallet, you know the kind, the one where the bank card is getting used every day to buy the groceries, fill the petrol tank or pay the council tax. This is your classic wallet and thus should be a good sturdy leather while having the card, cash and coin compartments. This wallet is your trusty wingman and will be with you through thick and thin so wear and tear is always a good trait in your classic every wallet.


Bellroy wallet ‘Note Sleeve’ in tan


Status Anxiety ‘Nathaniel’ wallet in brown

Slim Card Holder

It’s a Saturday night out with your mates and you only need one bank card, a form of ID and somewhere to store your banknotes, thus making it the perfect occasion for a slimline cardholder. These wallets have become increasingly popular in recent years and the fact they don’t clog up your pockets with tons of cards you never use, make them ideal for a night out with the lads.


Dosh ‘Blade Diablo’ cardholder


J Fold ‘Altrus’ card holder in brown/tan

The Event Wallet

Formal occasions call for formal attire and your wallet should follow suit – you do not turn up to your best friends wedding in a pair of trainers so why would you bring some beaten up old wallet. There are so many beautifully crafted leather wallets out there (Italian’s always made great wallets) it would seem a travesty not to own one that will last you a lifetime and every great formal occasion you attend. These wallets may spend a lot of time at the back of your draw but like fine jewels, it is all about the occasion.


Berg & Berg suede lined wallet in oxblood red


Slim Timber ‘Zebrawood Bifold’ wallet

The Travel Wallet

We all like our holidays, but with that comes different wallet requirements. Somewhere to put that passport, frequent flyer cards and travel documents. Why not go for one which can hold a pen as well for filling out those landing cards.


Bellroy passport wallet ‘Passport Sleeve’ in tan

The Phone Case Wallet

We all carry our phones with us every day so why not combine this with a wallet and you have only one thing to carry in your pocket.


Distil Union ‘Wally Case’ iphone 5/5s wallet case in black/black

The wallet is so often overlooked when it comes to creating an outfit but if you are stood at the bar and you pull out some Velcro wallet you had at school people are going to notice. Wallets are all about the finer details and we all know this is what maketh the man. Yes, we love our stylish habits but when it comes to your wallet, now’s the time to break the mould.