We first published this article on 6 Nov 2015 when we covered five different styles. We have updated it with current collections and now have a total of seven different cardigan styles. We hope you like it.

Cardigan History

When British Army Major General James Brudenell led his men into battle during the Crimean War, I doubt he envisaged svelte like models, big-bearded gents and high street stores the length and breadth of the country showing off his famous wears. And yet the 7th Earl of Cardigan could now find the garment bearing his name worn by every man from the age of five to 95.

The cardigan has come a long way since the 1850s and while its more modern-day history has seen it affiliated with old men and their pipes, the cardigan has now become a go-to piece for both winter and summer wardrobes as it transcends not only the seasons but also the boundaries of both smart and casual. This multi-purpose ethos means the cardigan can be worn with a suit and tie but look just as stylish worn with either a smart polo shirt – buttoned up of course – or a plain t-shirt on a warm summers eve.

Bearing all this in mind, here is a brief overview of seven great cardigans styles and how – and when – to wear them.

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