Fur Coats for Men – How To Wear a Fur Coat

Fur Coats for Men – How To Wear a Fur Coat

fur jacket yellow for men

Fur Coats For Men

As seen in their latest collections designer John Galliano and Viktor & Rolf to name a few, Fur seems to be the latest style that has crossed over from our female counterparts.

I searched the whole High Street and popular fashion websites for fur but to my dismay it was aimed at women, unless I had a spare £2,000. I therefore took it upon myself to look at current trends for men focusing on the upcoming autumn winter 2013 collections. Taking inspiration from the catwalk and being handy with a sewing machine, I went to my local material shop and purchased  black faux fur. Made gilet, Its ultra simple in design with clean line yet it defines masculinity and glamour. I do not condone using real fur but everyone has their own opinion on this matter.

Fur requires a lot of thinking and preparation before even stepping out of the door. Firstly fur is a bold choice of fabric, it’s a real statement piece therefore approach with caution. You need a untouchable swagger and sky high confidence to pull off this look as you will turn heads. So ask yourself can you handle the looks? If so you will be rewarded knowing your bang on trend and radiated confidence, that will definitively but a spring in you step.

How To Wear Fur

The most important factor is Knowing What Suits You. I would go with something that you feel comfortable in, for me that’s black. It looks expensive and works well with most wardrobes. Black for me, personally is the most masculine of all the fur choices. Other popular fur types seen around town is Fox Brown and Polar White, both of these colours work extremely well with green, tanned and brown garments.

Consider how much you want to wear. Too much fur is an over kill for me. My advice is to shop around and try out different styles. If you have a tiny body frame why not try over-sized coats, i’ts a great look and gives you that luxurious feel.

Zara fur jacket for men 2013

Zara fur collar jacket 2013

Fur coat for men 2013

Textures and Colours are vital to successful pulling of fur. This is when you prepare your outfit. Think about colours that would work well. Do not be afraid for use the same colour throughout your ensemble. All black is one of my favourite styles for winter 2013, I like to wear my fur with leather horse riding boots, fitted black jeans and woollen turtle neck jumper. Along with my leather snake print man bag. It is a daring look but it works for me. If this is the case for you then think texture and you can go wrong. I am a fan of fur working well with leather or suede, dark jeans and accessioning with jewellery or bags.

fur jacket, yellow , texture for men

Just keep it Simple. This means in my opinion no pockets, no fancy trimming or buttons and definitively no hoods. The designers have taken fur back to the beginning when fur was seen on the rich and famous. It does not matter if it is faux or real fur, they both have the same look and feel, that’s my view. What you did not see when fur become popular in the 1930’s was pockets or hoods. Avoid these at all costs, you want it to look expensive and high end not high street even though it might be. I do not believe that full fur coats will become popular in High Street stores as it a very personal fashion choice and not mainstream. Try looking in vintage shop, markets or even your local charity shops, there are always hidden gems. I am gifted that I can use a sewing machine to make my own but even I take inspiration from the High Street and Designers.

 So points to remember are:  know what suits you, prepare your look and work with textures and colours, and finally simplicity is the key. Lastly do not forget your confidence after all, the High Street is a catwalk and now its your turn to be seen.

Fur coat for men 2013


Zara men's fur coat 2013,

Zara and Topman do great fur collar jackets at the moment

burberry prorsum black fur collar wool coat

Burberry Prorsum black fur collar wool coat 

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