How does one dress to enter a casino?

Before the arrival of modern online casinos, players used to gather in the halls of land-based casinos, adapting to a certain type of attire. Over the years, the ‘stylistic restrictions’ have diminished significantly, but they have still left their mark on the minds of enthusiasts.

The dress code in casinos changes according to how famous the place is and, at the same time, the style of the person. Films dedicated to gambling provide us with concrete examples to refer to in order to identify the right outfit for a casino evening.

In this short article, we will discover together the evolution of clothing in the betting industry, and how players have learnt to dress for the glamorous casino halls. We’ll find out what the advent of virtual casinos has entailed and, finally, we’ll look at three examples of famous films shot right inside renowned casinos. Let’s get started!

casino dress style

How to dress for going to the casino

The style of clothing required to enter the casino varies depending on the venue you choose. Historic and elegant casinos such as the one in Monte Carlo, or the one in Venice, require refined and sophisticated clothing. Men wearing suits and ties, and women in equally elegant dresses and suits are able to stand out from the ‘crowd’.

A small legend to dispel is the one concerning the necessary presence of bright elements in the outfits of women who frequent casino halls. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to wear sequin-rich clothes to sit at the poker table or start a game at the slot machines.

In the past, much more attention was paid to the attire of casino-goers. Today, however, the tolerance level towards casual clothes has risen significantly. This is because casinos have turned into places that are ‘open to all’.

In the 1970s and 1980s, casino rooms were reserved only for the wealthiest people who could afford the extra cash. In today’s society, by contrast, people from all walks of life gather to casinos. The desire to win and the adrenaline rush of betting attracts everyone, regardless of their spending power.

In the physical casinos of 2022, it is good to dress according to current trends. The idea is to choose clothing that is elegant but not too excessive, and something that is still able to make us feel comfortable. Remember that gambling is closely linked to personal security, which becomes a fundamental weapon to confuse one’s opponents and win.

A well-thought-out outfit can help you achieve this in no time.

Modern casinos and the required dress code

As we have seen, modern casinos are open to a much freer dress code. Whereas in the past a suit and tie was required, now simple jeans and a shirt, or perhaps a well-made polo shirt, will suffice. What really counts is the attitude of the person.

One must not appear insecure but must have confidence in what one is wearing and in one’s own abilities. Therefore, always try to wear practical clothes that meet the style of the casino without losing too much of your personality.

The arrival of online casinos has completely changed the game. Thanks to modern online platforms, it is possible to play even while wearing your pyjamas. You can get acquainted with honest reviews of online casino Ελλαδα from professional experts on LiveFromEpidaurus.

Since the games take place remotely and without your video -the player does not have to use a webcam- there is no need to get ready to play in the casino. One of the main advantages of online casinos is precisely the possibility to play wherever you are and at any time, without any restrictions. This advantage is also reflected in the absence of a mandatory dress code and the lack of uncompromising restrictions.

What do films teach us?

casino royale

The world of cinema is full of examples of films dedicated to gambling. Films of all kinds have tried to realistically depict the experience inside a real casino, showing both positive and negative sides. Based on the attire of the protagonists of these films, we can identify a certain dress code. This reference style may come in handy in the future. Below are a few examples of well-known films and a description of the character’s attire.

Casino Royale

The film Casino Royale, tells one of the most interesting adventures of agent 007. This time, James Bond has to defeat the famous poker player ‘Le Chiffre’, who seems to cause more damage than expected. For almost the entire film, Daniel Craig -the actor who plays Bond- wears a very stylish dinner jacket. His style is impeccable, fit for the most elegant casinos in the world.

21 – Twenty-one

In the film, Twenty One, a maths professor -played by Kevin Spacey- decides to teach a group of his best students how to count cards in casinos.
The boys’ attire is decidedly less elegant than James Bond’s. There is a slight change in how the casino is experienced. This new way is more casual and less sophisticated.
However, the style remains quite understated, lightened by the youthfulness of the protagonists and their outgoing personalities.

Ocean’s Eleven

We end with an extremely famous film, a gambling film starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt. A group of top thieves unite to rob one of the most important casinos in Las Vegas, showing the audience a series of surreal and suspenseful scenes. The attire of Clooney -the film’s protagonist- is as sober and elegant as that of James Bond. Brad Pitt, on the other hand, shows us a slightly less busy style, where the dinner jacket is replaced by a crisp white shirt and a well-fitting jacket.