Catwalks – How Disconnected Are They For Menswear?

Catwalks – How Disconnected Are They For Menswear?

Why in the last two years has MenStyleFashion not attended a menswear fashion week around the globe? Should we with over 900,000 followers across all our social media dedicated for menswear, and recently ranked as the third-best Mens Fashion blogs from thousands of top Mens Fashion blogs in the world. 

Why did this image go viral? Why did it get over 7 million views, 750,000 comments and 18,000 shares?

Why Are We Not At Catwalks?

Over the last few months I have tried to find out what the most engaging post are for MenStyleFashion’s social media. And, it all comes down to the following. With over 155,000 people reached in less than 24 hours of Facebook, MenStyleFashion’s  followers are truly commanding how disconnected fashion weeks have become as seen by the comments. I am known as the female voice for menswear since 2011, therefore it is important I continue to understand what my followers are seeking regarding men’s fashion.

For me catwalks are not only the true back bone of where menswear fashion trends are heading and what my followers want to buy into.

On this occasion and on many occasions, my followers are hating what they are seeing on the runway shows for men in 2017. Why is it that the designers are looking after the shock effect more apposed to what men are wanting to buy into?

Your Fashion Opinion Please?

Yesterday late afternoon, I placed the following image on our Facebook. It’s important to understand that MenStyleFashion is a platform in where anyone, any fashion brand can promote, highlight and share their fashion opinion. All we simply do is ask the same question day in and day out. Your #fashion opinion please? #WeShowYouHow

So why has this image below attracted over 2000 negative comments and 257 shares, towards the designer’s way of showcasing his collection on the catwalk for 2017?  I encourage anyone to take the time to read people’s reaction.

Catwalks - How Disconnected Are They For Menswear?


My passion since 2011, is to encourage any man, of any age to dress well and creatively. It is clear on this occasion, that this catwalk clearly demonstrates, the disconnection towards fashion weeks and what men and women are wanting to buy into regarding their personal style.

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