I spend a month in Bangkok exploring where to stay and where to eat and where to shop. On quiet a few occasions people told me I had to go L’Appart restaurant at the Sofitel Sukhumvit for its views of Bangkok, if not for a meal then at least go for a cocktail. I decided to combine the experience of L’Appart with a stay at the Sofitel Sukhumvit.

L’Appart is located on the 34th floor right of the Sofitel Sukhumvit with chef Nicolas Basset at the helm. This Parisian Haussmann style design restaurant features a luxurious and charming lounge the exact setting and layout as pied-a-terre back in Paris. It all looked very authentic and if I was not looking outside a would have though a was in Paris. The seating area combined with a library and many eating places is unusual indeed and very unique in Bangkok.

Outside Roof Terrace

Outside there is great roof terrace where I could enjoy the amazing skyline views. It was a warm and balmy night and I decided to have a cocktail with a starter here. But first I had to take these awesome skyline pictures.

Artisan French Platter – Saucisson, Dry Aged Ham, Rillettes, Cheese, Campagne Bread

Kitchen Dining Experience

As I continued my journey, I went to the state of the art open red kitchen in where I was hosted by Australian chef Mark and his team to take a table in the kitchen, to sample some more food from the a la carte menu.

L’Appart had a introduced a new menu not so long ago and what I liked that the menu had icons in front of some of the menu items indicating that it would do well for food photography. Yes in the current day and age it is not only what you eat but also how it looks like on photo when you want to impress your friends via social media.

My Italian blood could not resist the idea of eating the home-made truffle ravioli so I had to squeeze that in before going for some snap happy dishes. It was lovely.

Home-made Truffle Raviolis, Mushroom Velouté, Pancetta

The chef recommended I tried the smoked Octopus, he gave me ample of time to get the one camera filming and another camera ready for photos. What came out was a wooden plate with a glass cover filled with smoke. As he lifted the cover the smoke would slowly disappear revealing the smoked octopus.

Smoked Atlantic Octopus, Ratte Potatoes, Black Garlic Aioli

This is such a Mediterranean dish it was perfect with a nice smoked flavour.

Next in line I tasted another “Camera First Dish” the Ribbons of Wagyu Beef with Poached Foie-gras and Dashi-style Consommé.

To finish of I had to have a coffee but also the Tiramisu which on was live made in front of me. This was another dish that loves to filmed.



Dining at l’Appart was a fabulous experience, being entertained by the kitchen team to observe how the dishes where prepared that I tasted. This relaxed experience is a fabulous way to entertain family and friends. Also I loved to learn how East meets West here in Bangkok. Being served exquisite dishes in this setting was a very memorable way to enjoy the finer things in life.

If I thought this was a unique, the access to the outdoor terrace which captures 360 panoramic views of Bangkok’s vibrant skyline, makes it even better. It is truly one of the best rooftop eating gems in Bangkok. Bangkok has an endless amount of eating options however not many hotels offer such a rooftop eating experience. One I would highly recommend doing.