They say that you are what you wear. So, could dressing better help you play better when playing casino games? Well, we think so. Since the beginning of time, clothes have represented our cultures, statuses, and historical backgrounds as symbolic garments. Considering playing casino games, dressing up a bit can help you exude your desired position and give you the confidence boost to perform your best.

Dressing for Performance

Let’s go back to science. According to researchers, clothing can impact your overall performance when doing an activity. An experiment was conducted by giving individuals lab coats – those white ones that doctors wear. Some individuals were told that they were doctors’ coats, others were told that they were painters’ coats, and the rest wore normal casual clothing. When doing work, the individuals who were told they were wearing a doctor’s coat outperformed the rest of the test subjects.

This experiment reveals that clothing and its specific symbolic meaning changes our thinking. We’re not saying that you should wear a lab coat to ensure optimal performance when playing a casino game, but we are saying that wearing an outfit that makes you feel confident and focused can truly enhance your thinking while playing a casino game. So, make sure that you dress in an outfit that can help you perform your best during a casino game. If you need help selecting a good casino site to complement your dress style, check out the list of reliable Trustly casinos when planning your next casino game.

Can Dressing Better Help You Play Better

You Are What You Wear

We have different outfits to suit the occasion we are dressing for. From casual looks to professional attire, clothes represent the appropriate characteristics we have to embody when fulfilling a certain role. We wear casual clothes like jeans, shorts, sneakers and hoodies over the weekend when we unwind and relax at home or with friends. We dress up in glamorous and bespoke garments for sophisticated dinners and fancy parties. And we curate professional outfits like suits, ties, and leather Oxfords for going into the office or meeting.

Over the last few years, however, it has become more accepted in our global society to dress more casually. We now wear hoodies, jeans, and sneakers in professional settings, jeans and a blazer for elegant get-togethers, and our casual attire is mostly tracksuits and trainers. With that being said, people are now wearing what makes them feel most comfortable when doing a particular activity. When it comes to playing casino games, focus and confidence are two things that are necessary to perform well.

Clothing is a Form of Communication

Clothing has always been a tool of communication. Purple dye was very exorbitantly expensive back in the day because the pigment took thousands of sea snails’ shells to make the dye. So, only royalty could afford purple garments, which made purple a symbol of royalty. If people wore purple in ancient times, the rest of society knew for a fact that they were witnessing royal individuals.

Like the colour purple, the items of clothing you wear communicate your status to people. Again, we’re not saying you should wear purple when you play a casino game – unless it’s your favourite colour – but wearing an outfit that communicates what you want to be can perhaps help you show what you’re all about. So, dressing a certain way tells other players that you are here for “business” or “pleasure”.

Dressing Well

Whether you’re playing a casino game as an enthusiast or a high-roller, dressing a particular way isn’t only a tool to communicate to others but for yourself too. So what is dressing well? How do you accomplish the look that you want to show off? Many stylists say that there are certain ‘rules’ that you should follow to dress better, but we believe that there should rather be a few ‘guidelines’ that can help you curate the ideal outfit.

Whether you are more of a classical bespoke suit lover or a modern-day rebel, as long as you wear your outfit with pride. If you are into suits, a good blazer and button-up shirt is the way to go. If you like a little more of an edgy look, a white T and a leather jacket with black jeans can give you the ultimate rebel look. Besides garments, taking care of your appearance and throwing on an accessory or two, like cufflinks or a watch, can help you embrace the ultimate look you’re going for when playing your favourite casino game.

Can Dressing Better Help You Play Better


Dressing well can help you exude the confidence you need to perform well in any activity. Taking a look at what researchers have discovered, we can see that clothing can help us think better according to what the clothing represents for us. Dressing well can also be a tool to communicate to other people who you are and what you’re all about. We suggest the next time you plan to go and play a casino game, invest a bit of time considering and curating your ideal outfit that will be sure to impress.