These days I have noticed that prices of top fashion brands have gone through the roof. So what we pay for does it reflect in the quality and the style image of the goods? For me more so than ever we are all getting ripped off.  So I decided to get our followers involved in the debate. I chose Burberry because everyone knows its history and how it has stuck to some of the core collections like the Trench Coat. I own a Burberry Trench coat. I took it to the dry cleaners and the belt broke including two buttons which fell off. I only wore it once and it’s retailed at over £1000. It’s a wicked looking jacket and the details are great. As for the quality well I expect a belt to last at least a few washes. It’s not the first time this has happened to me regarding a top brand.

Cheap Fashion – The Shocking High Cost

Cheap fashion what has it done to us all. Fast fashion trends have radically altered the way we look and the way we live globally. Just have a look in your wardrobe and reflect on how much clothing items you have. More so how much you really wear in a year. That’s the power of cheap nasty fashion for you. Most of us on a good day don’t even look better for it. In fact what it does to the consumer is mess with your personal style. Even if you get that right, the quality of the goods end up making you look even worse, because they don’t simply last.

I’ve been to Bangkok and other Asian Countries and  I must say the devil may not be so much wearing Prada, but a knockoff made in Bangkok on most occasions just looks as good as the real thing. But at what cost? I mean the top labels are out there manufacturing their goods as well. So what we pay for does it reflect in the quality of the goods? In most cases the answer is NO.

Who is at fault? Fashion is now a powerful, trillion-dollar global industry that has too much influence over our pocketbooks, self-image, and storage spaces. For younger designers and even some of the bigger fashion labels it has depressed wages, and created voracious competition. Sink or swim. How can anyone compete against ZARA and PRIMARK.  These labels when it comes to quality zips and buttons are nasty. But at the end of the day if it only lasts a few washes, well who cares. You don’t have to take it to the dry cleaners. It did not cost you an arm or a leg. The designs look amazing, it’s bang on trend and suits the everyday person’s life style well. In time if it looks nasty just simply throw it out.

What You Pay For Is Not What You Get Regarding Quality

Cheap fashion has also diluted the education to consumers about the power of less is best. The knowledge in understanding fabrics, cloths and quality designs. The top labels are not doing a good job promoting this as well. Consumerism at its best. So for me gone are the days in where how much you pay for most labels has got nothing to do with the quality let alone brand loyalty. Does this kind of thinking matter anyway. Do we really care considering the amount of clothes that get made and turned around more so than ever. I think it’s down to generations. For me I am a vintage chick and the quality of the fabrics in the past were amazing. So I have a reputation for scouting old fabulous fabrics, accessories and getting someone to turn it into something new.

For me what is important is both the design and the fabric. You certainly can tell the difference, feel the difference and it makes you act and walk with confidence. More so if you are going to pay through the roof at least you know it was all your own doing.

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