I started MenStyleFashion back in June 2012 for the simple reason, to encourage men to dress well every single day. What are the benefits for men dressing well? Where can it take a man when he makes a conscious effort to present himself in public the best possible way he can?

MenStyleFashion – The Desire To Dress Well

Over the last two years I have dedicated my whole life to this on-line magazine. Through the course of its growth I have met the worst and best dressed men. From super models to sports stars to the gentlemen on the street. It amazes me that we have still a long way to go when it comes to a man’s personal fashion image. When asked what I do, the reactions are the same every single time. “Gosh don’t judge the way I look today I was just popping out to buy some milk or smokes.”

I look the guy up and down and simply say: “What does your pubic dress code say about you?” What message are you conveying when out in public? The fact of the matter is that we all do judge a book by its cover. The way we dress does have a personal and psychological effect on us. Think about it.

Fashion stores would not make the billions they do if it did not tap into our personal psychic.

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Gracie Style Experiences

I have had the honor of working with  and restyling world champion sports stars. I have also had the pleasure in transforming the everyday guy who lacks confidence. The mental transformation that occurs when these guys take the time to think about their personal images is nothing short of breath taking. I have only styled straight guys because it’s those ones that need the most help I find most of the time.


What have been the results when these guys left to their own devices who make more of an effort reading MenStyleFashion and then take action to dress well.

  • They get more female attention. In fact one guy said when he went to his local pub his so called girlfriends could not keep their eyes let alone their hands of him. He then lost weight and changed jobs and had the confidence to pursue the very career he always wanted to.
  • Transforming sports stars like Greg Minnaar has had a huge impact on his fan base. The fans could not believe it was the same person. They thought he was getting married. They too then wanted to look like him. His public appearance changed as well, he always makes an effort. The result is at his last sports awards he had another bespoke suit made.

Greg Minnaar

  • I have transformed guys who have never bought new clothes in years. They have been married to the same spouse and think it’s OK to not make an effort. The result is their wives just fell in love with them all over again. Their children thought he was super daddy cool. Their example then put pressure on their peers. They went to the gym more and changed jobs. They had a more impact outlook on life and also in the work place.
  • I have also had the pleasure to restyle men in powerful positions. This is where you see a boy transform into a man. His appearance has an undeniable impact, for those watching, and is priceless. The standard within his arena has been set, there is no turning back. The simple aspects like posture and rapport with fellow colleagues is why every man should make a conscious effort to dress well.
  • Divorce is one of the hardest, stressful experiences you will ever go through. It’s very high these days. When a man has lost his confidence it is truly heart breaking to watch. So his personal image is crucial in picking up those pieces and sending out a clear message, that giving up in life is not an option. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing that man make an effort to get back out there and fight for his position as a man amongst the crowd.

My Legacy

Most people,  don’t know that the most beautiful looking peacocks are actually the male peacocks. So I figure that if God took the time to make the male peacock set the standard of looking beautiful for its own species, then men should learn from this and start thinking about their own appearances. Clothes today are so affordable and the collections coming out now for men can be breath taking. So, all I can say is that for those men who hide behind their lame excuses, your days of slack fashion are numbered and soon you will have to face your demons. When fashion is becoming this easy and accessible, tolerance for laziness is lessening.

I think that it is obvious that I love what I do, but I’m so fed up with the amount of men not dressing as well as they could! If I am making an effort to guide you towards a new way of thinking about your wardrobe, it’s up to you to have more respect for yourself and indulge your appearance. You have taken the first amazing step, simply by having read this article. But now it’s time to man-up for the next steps and start honing your inner style goddesses! (Yes, I said goddesses dammit, because fashion deserves to be sassy!)

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