Muscled Men – Seven Top Style Tips

Muscled Men – Seven Top Style Tips

For the chaps out there with intentionally sculptured muscles or bigger frame, it’s difficult to dress as sartorially as you would if you had been not so blessed with a smaller profile. With off the peg fits tending to favour less well-proportioned individuals, looking good can be something of a fashion nightmare.

The body sculpture business can lead to all sorts of enhancements physically leading to larger toned thighs and legs to upper body strengthening of chest, neck and shoulders/back. Whatever your own preference lets have a look at some of the alternatives to get you less tracksuited and more suited and booted.

Basic Instinct

There are a lot of clothing items that work well with the larger framed gentleman. Knitwear, polo shirts and even the humble T-shirt will all look good with a little bit of giving or stretch over a well-chiselled chest. Such items will get admiring looks for both taste and physique from the contemporary and admirer alike. Blazers and bomber jackets can look not just smart but highlight chest and shoulders. Relaxed shirt fabric materials in chambray and soft cotton are good staples to count on and will hang correctly.

Be Brand Aware

Sadly most fashion houses don’t cater for the larger proportioned gentleman and I personally think they are missing a trick here. If you seek out specific specialized brands catering for your needs it’s as well to get on their mailing list and stick with them. There are a number of new start-up brands catering for everyone’s needs, not just the waif generation and a quick internet search will turn up distance shopping lines that frequently offer free returns so you can try before you by. Remember being large doesn’t mean you have to miss out on style.

Muscled Men - Seven Top Style Tips

Not So Loud And Proud

Bright colours matched in summer are fine but don’t fall into the trap that something that looks good in bright sunlight will look as equally good out of season. You don’t want to stand out in a crowd for being too loudly dressed. Turn down the volume and let neutral colours work for you. Strong beiges and blues in summer while blacks and browns can look classy and rustic in autumn and winter.

Don’t Skimp With Skinny

To be brutally honest, slim fit shirts and skinny jeans are the enemy in this case plus may well make you look like you’re unintentionally sand dancing with Wilson and Keppel. Don’t be a victim of trends and ensure you avoid skinny jeans like the plague they will do no favours. Find your own style and experiment with a few interchangeable well-made pieces that you can wear confidently.

Size Up Or Down Your Needs

There’s no hard and fast rule on sizes any more. In one house size, you may look fine yet an identical garment from another house may make you look like you have relatives in the parachute regiment. If standard or large sizes don’t work then don’t just settle for convenience, experiment with a smaller size. They may be more flattering and may just pleasantly surprise you.

Tailor Your Response

Don’t break a tailors heart as the late Roger Moore did in  ‘Moonraker’, ask around, trawl the internet and ask like-minded friends for recommendations on seamstresses, and tailors who can adjust and custom-make solutions for your particular frame. Don’t compromise on the fit and don’t settle for second best just for the hell of it. You deserve to exploit your god given features to the max as much as any catwalk model.

Enjoy Being Big In The Trouser Dept

Don’t settle for being the toothpaste in an ill-fitting tube, if the goods don’t fit then experiment with straight, regular and tapered fitting more classic styles of jeans, winter trousers, cords and chinos. Most chain stores will have larger classic styles to attract specific customers and personally bigger framed items are usually available to take advantage of the jackets, trousers and jeans launched for the winter season so its possible with some clever purchases to stockpile classic buys and use them throughout the year. Elastane featured products are worth seeking out and with a little research you can be as fashionable as the next man, so go for it!

Muscled Men - Seven Top Style Tips

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