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Fashion is a strong tool to show to the public what you’re all about. Choosing certain colours for men in the past has always being controversial. Here are some helpful tips on how not to cross the thin line of being fashionable but not looking too feminine for men?

Know whether you are colour blind?

You don’t want to look like a clown stepping out of your posh BMW, right? Since colour blindness usually occur to men, it is better if you can identify whether you have it or not? And unless you have a spouse or a partner whose fashion preference you can trust, you might want to stick to the basic colours –neutrals. Don’t despair, though. Just because you only have a limited selection of colours doesn’t mean it should restrict you from looking good.

Tough guys wear pink

Gone are the days when people condemn guys who wear pink. Don’t they look cute in pink button downs and white slim tie? Feel free to play with this colour. Experiment what colours look best on you. Remember that you are not only restricted to wearing neutrals and strong dark colours. Try on some interesting colour combinations such as red-and-green or blue-and-orange, or other combinations on the colour wheel, but it doesn’t always have to be orange top and blue jeans. You may stick to your black pants and accessories with contrasting belt or bracelet. We are no longer in the 90s. Not everything should match. Us women love men in bold colours.

Polka or stripes or plaid?

The list goes on. You have a wide array of patterns to choose from.  Learn to play with patterns, for if you are colour blind.  They are your best friends  Choose interesting cuts and unconventional styles like exaggerated collars, fake polo designs, and the like. Also, white and black never really go out of fashion. Polka dot shirts are going to be huge this winter. Iceberg have done some great designs for men.

Shopping advice

I know, a lot of guys can pull off wearing Chuck Taylors to a wedding and still look cute but it pays to have a nice pair of decent, shined leather shoes. Few men still engage in a sport known as shopping but that is not an excuse not to look good. Shop around but buy seldom. Know what works best for you and your body type. Learn and take time to choose the appropriate clothes for you age and profession. Men are also vulnerable to some fashion trends but keep in mind that some things go out of style and you should only allot a maximum of 20% of your clothing budget to trendy pieces.

Know thyself

It is important that you know your personality and dress accordingly. It is easier to work from there rather than dressing only because that is how everyone else is dressing. Dress according to your mood. One day you may want to be a rocker, another day you’d want to be a boy-next-door. The most important fashion thing you can have is confidence in the way you carry yourself, a warm smile for everyone, and a kind attitude. Those are the real things that are so manly and never goes out of style.

About the writer

Thina Erving is a fashionista addict, she is a freelance Make up and Hair Dresser. She is also as passionate advocate of preserving mother earth. https://twitter.com/ErvingThina
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