Comic Com – 10 Easy Cosplay Costumes You Can Wear Right Now

Comic Com – 10 Easy Cosplay Costumes You Can Wear Right Now

Headed to Comic-Con? Here Are 10 Easy Cosplay Costumes You Can Wear Right Now. With Comic-Con right around the corner, many comic book enthusiasts have already begun considering how they’ll dress the part of their favourite characters at this renowned event. This is a place where cosplay reigns supreme. If you’re interested in anime and Japan pop culture, you know exactly how important cosplay is.

There are many misconceptions about cosplay, such as it’s only for younger people or for kids. If you are new to cosplay and are interested in getting into it, check out this introductory cosplay guide to know more about the hobby and know the dos and don’ts of cosplaying.

Cosplaying is a passion for many people (who are known as cosplayers) who engage in it. It’s important to know what you are getting into to show respect for the people who pour their blood, sweat, and tears into every cosplay.

Whether you’re heading to a cosplay event or dressing up for Halloween festivities, there’s no denying that cosplay gives you the total creative freedom to transform your appearance as you see fit. There are even models whose entire job is to roleplay popular anime characters.

You’re probably not ready to quit your day job. But you might be interested in dabbling in cosplay. The following are a list of some easy-to-pull cosplay costumes. And don’t forget to dress up your final look with impressive jewellery accessories from the Gold Urban collection or steampunk accessories from Vintage Dancer.

Here are a few interesting costumes that don’t take a lot of effort.


Monkey D. Luffy

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. You might already have the gear in your closet. Luffy is one of the most well-known anime characters today, so people will definitely recognize what you’re trying to do.

You need a pair of rolled-up jeans, a red button-down shirt with the arms sliced off, flip-flops, a straw hat, and a scarf to tie around your waist.

monkey d luffy cosplay costume


This sleek anime uses a casual, functional look. You can choose any character you connect with. Stop by a thrift store and pick up a blue suit or find a lab coat.

Durarara cosplay costume

Death Note

Death Note’s dark, moody vibe is expressed in the costume choices. You can create an effective cosplay costume by simply donning a long-sleeved white shirt and a pair of jeans. You’ll be channelling L Lawliet. Without props, be prepared to explain who you are if you go to a convention or large gathering. If you want to help people out, smear dark shadows under your eyes with makeup.

death note cosplay costume

Rin Tohsaka

This outfit is so cute so you might be tempted to wear it on a normal outing. You need a thick red turtleneck sweater, a black school-girl skirt, black thigh-high stockings, a cross necklace, and a few ribbons laced into your hair. You’ll be comfortable because instead of high heels, you can wear brown loafers. If you have long black hair, you’re ready.

Rin Tohsaka cosplay costume

Tsukimi Kurashita

Tsukimi’s outfit is less va-va-voom than Rin’s, but it’s still very cute. You need a pink sweater, a blue skirt, white knee-high socks, and glasses. You can find everything in five minutes at stores like Target.


Kiki’s Delivery Service is a beloved anime that’s achieved a lot of Western success. Kiki’s pretty black dress and red hair bow have been copied by cosplayers for decades. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the dress, browse online and search thrift stores. The dress doesn’t need to be exact if you match it with the hair bow and red shoes. Kiki’s look is iconic.

Kaonashi (No Face)

If you want to have a blast and wear a costume that can’t be mistaken for normal clothes, look no further than No Face. All you need is a black sheet, gloves, and a paper plate. The plate will work as your face after you make a few adjustments. Just make sure the eye holes are big enough!


Nope, that’s not a character name. It’s an actual idea! Animes love naked scenes. You can recreate the look by adding black “censored” bars to anything you want to cover. You can also wrap a towel around your body and hair. This outfit is pretty bold, but it fits the spirit of cosplay. If you attend a convention with a towel around your waist, you won’t be the most suggestively dressed person in the room.


You can almost wear this outfit to the gym. You’ll wear a black tracksuit, a white t-shirt, knee-high dress boots, and a light blue scarf. The scarf and the boots might be the only items you need to shop for.

Ash Ketchum

The rise of Pokemon Go has led to renewed interest in Ash. Fortunately, it’s easy to dress like Ash. He wears a red baseball hat, a green shirt, a blue jacket, green fingerless gloves, jeans, and a green backpack. You can add props to really drive home the point.

Ash Ketchum cosplay costume

You might have to use fabric paint if you want your costume to look perfect. Cosplay is an adventure. You might be nervous when you first start out, but you’ll find that your fellow cosplayers are very friendly. It’s a small, passionate community of people who love to express themselves. Protection Status

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