Casual Shirts Versus The T-Shirt

Casual Shirts Versus The T-Shirt

Washed Shirts and Young Man Fashion

In the lasts years T-shirts have been so popular in the fashion industry that even pop stars and celebrities have worn them as a pass partout for many different occasions: from the personal life, to public events, T-shirts are definitely one of the man most eclectic item of clothing.

Young guys love t-shirt because as we just said, they see them in many fashion contests and also on TV, but what they probably don’t know is that even shirts can be a casual garment, perfect not only for romantic dates or business meetings. The fashion industry indeed proposes many types of shirt which can be appropriate even for teenagers or young guys, being extremely stylish and trendy for many non-formal situations, like evenings out with friends, school days etc.

Among the most stylish shirts available for young boys there are washed shirts which are basically made with fabrics which undergo special fixing treatments in order to create a particular finishing which can be either vintage or faded or worn out; this kind treatment is normally realized on jeans shirts but even if applied on cotton fabrics, the result is extremely pleasant and absolutely more informal than classic shirts.

The slim fit model is one of the shirt models more appreciate by adolescents, as it has no pockets and in the back it comes with two elastic double stitching which make it more close-fitting to the figure. Even talking about shirts fabrics colors, man fashion industry offers now endless matching: from the traditional plain color shirts to the colorful ones and to patterned fabrics, boys can really be spoiled for choice.

Obviously each guy has its own style and shirts must be chosen in accordance to personal style: an outgoing boy may feel comfortable wearing a pink or green shirt, while a reserved boy may be feel easy with a white or light blue shirt.

So… what shirt do you feel like wearing today? J

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