how to be a confident man

Confident Men

It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? We’ve all been brought up to think that we need this and that to look and feel good, but it simply isn’t true. Following the crowd is the problem. You get it into your head you need to look a certain way and then get stuck with it. Luckily, there is an easy fix, and all you need is right here.

Confidence Campaign - Chae Mich - pinstripe suit

Be Yourself

If you dress to people-please, forget about it, they don’t care. In fact, they’ll respect you more if you do your own thing. Look at some of the people you admire; they look great because they’re themselves. Following them won’t get you anywhere. Realise it’s time to blaze your own path and be true to yourself. Find the clothes and lifestyle that fit and suits YOU. When you do that you’ll instantly feel better – you’re finally playing the part you were meant to play. Men Style Fashion was created on this philosophy alone.

Confident men at work

Be Fit

It pays to be in shape for all aspects of life, not just for looking good. Having the ability to run, jump, dance, and lift things makes you look flawless at all times, without fail. Great clothes won’t cover up an unfit body, and it shows in your face and eyes if you’re unhealthy. The first thing to do to undo the damage is to find an activity you enjoy. If you like to hit the gym and pool, great, football – go for it; any exercise is better than no exercise. By seeing it as something fun and not a chore means you’ll keep it up for the long-run, which is the only way to see results. When you’ve dropped (or gained) a few pounds you’ll be on top of the world. There’s no need to skip drinking or eating pizza either; everything in moderation baby.

Carmelo Anthony - confident man - basketball

Be Confident

To hell with what other people are doing and what celebrities are wearing, this is your life and you’ll wear what you like. This doesn’t mean you have to get compulsive about it, lighten up and enjoy the journey! When your attitude to yourself changes everything around you will change as well. The ways you walk, talk, and hold yourself are direct signals of your self-worth, and when you’re true to yourself people will notice. That smile is the most fashionable thing you’ll ever wear.

confident men 2012

Finding the confidence to look good in anything can be a long road. As you go on, remember the reward is worth the effort.  It’s much better to be yourself in a simple short and t-shirt get-up than to sit there awkwardly in a blazer you can’t afford and be afraid of spilling your drink down it. Life’s short, don’t waste it, just be you.

Miranda - the confident man