At LFW we decided to do a live shoot in front of everyone, why not show the world how to get unique shots. It was done in less than five minutes. Maria always looks for a different perspective on how to make a shoot more interesting. I am a women that never want’s to come across as the men I work with as my lovers. The fact of the matter is they are not. They are just my mates having a chill and showcasing their outfits for that given moment.  But when your focus is just to get you message across that men generally look more handsome when they are just being themselves and not trying to hard.  Then the results are very clear.

Maria Scard

There are so many photographers there that day running at us trying to get the shot. But Maria is a very talented and an experienced photographer and always takes control. She gives out clear directions and is firm in what she sees behind the lens. I’m no model and I have to be told how to stand, how to look and in most cases been told constantly to stop talking while the camera is on me.

As for Carl the guy in the blue, well he just does his own thing. He is a great example of take the shot, hurry up, not sure where to look. It was so so funny to hear Maria getting Carl  just to be who he is, simply himself. He  already looks great, what more can the guy do.  That is a skill in itself to get the male models relaxed and focused.

In my experience I find that the photographers who take firm charge and direct every move are the ones who clearly stand out form the crowd. So make sure on your next shoot you listen to what has been told and simply DO IT.  A lot of you are tweeting how do I get noticed as an up and coming male model. If you listen to Maria then we shall feature it on MenStyleFashion. Being featured on MenStyleFashion is a live CV for any agent scouting for up and coming male models.

At the end of the day how many photographers have this said about them.  David Gandy’s favorite action shot of the season was taken by Maria Scard  and  David Gandy featured Maria’s images on his own blog in VOGUE.

 If you want to update your portfolio then book a shoot with Maria.


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