T-shirts are the simplest and most people’s favourite outfit. Whether ripped, stained, or full of holes, we sometimes have a hard time throwing them out. For some people, their favourite t-shirt is a way to express themselves and share their interests. For others, it is a way of easy advertisement.

Creating your own T-shirt design can be a fun way to express yourself and share your hobbies, your favourite movies, or just your mood; quality supplies for this can be found at online retailers like EcoFreen, which offers quite a variety of products. Listed below are some ideas for men’s t-shirt designs with cool themes.

Cool Themed T-Shirt Designs

Mood inspired t-shirts

If a person has a hard time expressing themselves with words, they can use another form of expression, and that is through their mood-themed t-shirt. You can use these themes on a sweatshirt or a simple tee, whatever your style is, and the best part is that the topics are endless and can vary from serious to funny t-shirt designs.

For example, if you’re not in the mood for a particular movie night and you want to change your partner or friends’ minds, you can use a subtle way like a themed t-shirt that describes your desires. If you’re not into rom-coms and want to watch some serial killer documentaries and chill, then you can use this design on a tee or a sweatshirt, and it will surely send the message.

Movies or anime-inspired t-shirts

Wearing a movie or anime-inspired t-shirt doesn’t always have to be used to send a particular message, people just love wearing their favourite characters on a tee. This is one of the most popular t-shirt designs and not just among men, but also women. Almost everyone has a favourite movie or anime-inspired tee at home, it just might be ripped, stained, or with a bunch of holes, and although not presentable in public, you can still wear it in the comfort of your home. In fact, you can easily locate people looking for water-based print making ink to print their tees by themselves. Yes, it is great fun!

Most often you can see people wearing such t-shirts at their favourite movie’s premiere, especially if it’s a sequel after many years, like Star Wars. People who are big fans of a particular anime or movie love to show off their themed tee. Wearing such a t-shirt is also a great conversation starter when meeting new people. You might just find your new best friend or partner that shares the same taste in movies as you.

Statement t-shirts

Fun and cool statement t-shirts are another great conversation starter. Humour-related tees can have funny images, nerdy jokes, memes, and anything else you can think of, and will always look fun and cool. There are plenty of creative ideas one can choose from, and you can always make up something new and funny, print it on a simple white or black tee, and people may ask where you got it.

Many people have started a successful t-shirt business like Unlocked Tees with just funny and cool ideas printed on simple tees. You can find endless unique ideas on the internet to get inspired, and you can use quotes from your favourite TV show or movie, and what’s most popular these days on the internet like memes and funny jokes.

Cool Themed T Shirt Designs

Animal inspired t-shirts

It’s a known fact people love animals, and especially wearing them on a t-shirt. Usually, for cool t-shirt designs, people go for common pets like dogs, cats, or birds. But, there’s also a market for uncommon pets or large animals like lizards, wolves, and many more.

They are sometimes combined with witty quotes or consist of a cartoon-inspired scene. Most of the animal-inspired t-shirt designs come from popular cartoons and anime such as mythical creatures. Also, animal-printed tees with a funny quote have been among the most popular ones.

Lifestyle, sports, and hobbies inspired t-shirts

Another reason why people purchase custom-printed t-shirts is to show off their lifestyle, sports, or hobbies. They also come with custom t shirts in bulk that are sold online. For expressing one’s lifestyle, topics can vary from showing love for your pet to simple tees with famous brands’ logos. Men love wearing t-shirts with custom designs inspired by their favourite sport or hobby like basketball, football, cars, and so on.

Although people think men like to wear simple blank t-shirts, there are plenty of guys out there that love wearing themed tees and ones expressing their interests. Also, they love wearing tees inspired by their favorite music artists.

Cool Themed T Shirt DesignsCool Themed T Shirt Designs

Final thoughts

T-shirts have always been a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. A good custom t-shirt for men has become a mainstream fashion statement, and you can also see well-dressed execs rocking premium tees with a suit. Tees are essential for staying fresh while working out, or keeping cozy while lounging. And since more people love wearing sneakers to work, they are a great combination to elevate your fashion style.