You’ll be hard-pressed to find a vehicle in 2021 that’s more suited for adventure than the new Ford Bronco. From its perfect roof racks to its various lift kits, this vehicle is built for the outdoorsman.

The Bronco’s popularity is no secret either as 165,000 pre-orders for the vehicle were placed within 3 weeks of its debut.

Still, it’s the original 2021 Ford Bronco accessories that truly set it apart from other adventure vehicles.

Here are some of the coolest accessories in this highly anticipated car.

1. Class II Trailer Tow Package

This thing has a 2,200-pound capacity. You can pull just about any off-roading vehicle using this Bronco accessory. It’s usually combined with the Custom Yakima HD Bar crossbars and the OffGrid Medium cargo basket.

All of these together make what’s known as the Bronco Sport TOW RZR.

These accessories make it so you can pull just about whatever you want, and look awesome doing it.

Bronco Sport TOW RZR

Bronco Sport TOW RZR

2. Fender-Mounted Trail Sights

Are you a fishing expert… or “wannabe?” Either way, the fender-mounted trail sights are made to fit a custom fishing pole and seat perch. It’s the perfect accessory for the fishing obsessed.

This sweet accessory is part of what’s known as the 4-Door Outer Banks Fishing Guide version of the 2021 Bronco.

It also includes:

  • A slide-out tailgate
  • Splash guards
  • All-weather floor mats
  • Yakima LockNLoad platform roof rack

…just to name a few.

Fender-Mounted Trail Sights Bronco

3. Beadlock Capable Wheels

Are you a true trail rider? One of the best 2021 Ford Bronco accessories–the beadlock capable wheels.

They make getting the most traction out of your tires easy.

Take on any trail using these tires that let you run lower air pressure, without rolling your tire off the wheel.

Beadlock Capable Wheels Bronco

4. Interior Bike Rack

This accessory is part of the Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo Adventure Patrol. The rack fits inside the vehicle and holds 2 mountain bikes.

It’s a Yakima design, so you know its quality.

This version of the Bronco also comes with:

  • Jerry cans and recovery boards
  • An integrated target for landing drones
  • An off-road LED light bar

It just may be one of the coolest 2021 Bronco accessories.

Interior Bike Rack bronco

5. Thule and Yakima Rooftop Tents

Before you buy a new adventure car, think about how awesome this accessory would be.

Ford has a few different rooftop tents you can choose from in the new 2021 Bronco. Some of the best include those from Yakima and Thule.

Just think about it, you no longer need to worry about making room to pack a standard tent. Just bring your rooftop tent and your set for some serious camping.

Thank you, Ford, for partnering with some of the highest quality brands to offer this sweet accessory.

Yakima Rooftop Tents bronco

Find More 2021 Ford Bronco Accessories

The 2021 Ford Bronco Accessories list goes on. These are just some of our favourites. Performance freezers, fender flares, and more.

Just about anything you can dream up is included in this rad adventure vehicle.

Now all that’s left to do is find the perfect travel spot to try out all these amazing accessories. One thing’s for sure, with the Bronco, you’re sure to be a happy camper.