Hairstyles for Men

Men like to have hair on the top of their being; their heads. They like it long, they like it short, they like it when it’s there. Also a lot of men (and girlfriends) like it when it’s not growing on places where the sun normally doesn’t shine.

In the media / visual platforms, you see two different trends. On one side the return of the real man (the one that chops wood with his bare hands) and on the other side the adolescent look (without the acne & pubic hair of course). The adolescent look has the recognisable short sides and long top look. The real man look has come a long way. The hair looks raw, edgy, timeless and goes well with “I don’t give a toss attitude”.

Personally, I love hair that looks natural & healthy. It works without a bucket load of products and has the “I want to touch it” glow. Hair is always a personal choice. It should feel good and make you rock your own world.


This season we see that next to hot & happening hair, the facial hair in the shape of different beard lengths. The beard gets its deserved comeback, back into the spotlights. If you’ve have a standard or even boring face a beard can distract that attention from your lesser part(s) and makes you leave a pretty fashionable statement. Try to keep it soft and in shape, nobody wants to kiss a facial doormat that looks like it belongs to a religious radical.

Bio of Armando Branco

Written by Linda Elizabeth.

Photographer Armando Branco (1977) is a keen observer of modern life and noticed that the society was changing so rapidly with everything evolving around commerce, brands and western values, forgetting the individual artistic voice from within. Working in the contemporary fashion world where everything, including the people who are keeping it spinning, is disposable or at least replaceable Armando decided to follow his own intuition. Where he doesn’t follow but leads. Even when it gets hard.

From a young age, he could spend hours drawing but since the age of 17, Armando Branco focused on photography. Coming from a family where both parents are far away from any artistic expression, he was still free to explore this world, not forgetting his rich European heritage with bloodlines running from the Dutch, Frisians, Italians and the Swiss.

In 2000 he graduated as the youngest male student of his year with a degree in Photographic Design with final projects, considered as the reflection of himself. A very small, intimate photo book and enlarged glamorous photo’s hung on the wall. His career launched itself immediately during the first year on the market, with so much offer he almost drowned when some setbacks forced him to get his focus straight on the artistically, near future.

The ‘in-between’ moments is where his work is famous for. The moments right before a climax is a great inspiration and dedication. The movement and small emotions that arise in any form of interpersonal contacts can be found in his repertoire. A wide repertoire ranging from coquette, commercial inspired images to raw, daily, personal visions. Not afraid to show everything, the homosexual facet isn’t forgotten.

Armando Branco – Without visual language, we’re nowhere nowadays. Everyone needs context, reflection or reference to himself in this contemporary society. Armando has been publishing for years over almost the entire world: in print (magazines), books or digital platform.

If you want to see, know or have a look at his work, check : and






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