Corporate Fashion – The Return Of The Man Bag

Corporate Fashion – The Return Of The Man Bag

Mansbag brown for men

Corporate Fashion – The Return Of The Man Bag

The corporate world is a mass of style, from the products in their hair down to the boxers they choose to wear; Men in the big city are becoming ever more style conscious. One item which London’s city slickers have started to pay a lot more attention to is their bags.

The once scoffed at “man bag” is back with a bang, with everyone from high street retailers to luxury brands carrying lines of bags for men. For me this is not so much a new trend, but the return to an earlier era where city professionals were well groomed, wearing a crisp suit and carrying their important documents in a durable stylish briefcase.

This return is something that I welcome with open arms, gone are the days where the garish office issued laptop bag is a standard sight on the tube. Men are starting to understand that it is not only their suit that should look good but the accessories they match said suit with.

The Lucifer Rucksack

One of the most versatile items falling under the “man bag” category is the rucksack, once reserved for 90’s teenagers the rucksack is becoming a common accessory selected by men in the big city.

My pick of rucksack is the Lucifer Rucksack.

Lucifer rucksack

The result of a collaboration between P&Co and Tamzin Lilly White, the Lucifer rucksack is as versatile as they come. With its clean black colouring and sleek design it can be partnered with anything from street wear (as shown above) or business attire. With each Lucifer rucksack being handmade here in London, they promise to be a durable, versatile, chic addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Manbag brown for men


Man bag brown for men


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