MenStyleFashion Umbrella – Street Style Tips

MenStyleFashion Umbrella –  Street Style Tips

Carl Thompson - PinCollar Shirts - MenStyleFashion Umbrella

MenStyleFashion Umbrella

I took the high street by storm when I chose to hold the MenStyleFashion Umbrella. So in colloboration MenStyleFashion we decided to send a tweet about your thoughts on my matching look. The tweets came pouring in like the London rain, so I decided to share my style tips here in this article.

I went along to Day two of London Collections: Men for a little inspiration… Luckily before the first drop made contact with my freshly waxed moustache, an other-worldly, brolly was produced (though a glance at my right-hand side will reveal I did have a spare at the ready).

My intention with this outfit was to use classic, formal and extravagant styles and show that they can complement one another, rather than clash. Did I pull it off? I guess that’s for readers to say.

Purple Rain

For my part, I started with the shirt. A good shirt is a great foundation to build around. Of course, all people I have to believe this; I’ve built a company around the shirt! On this occasion I’m wearing one of Pin Collar Shirts’ new extension of our Autumn Winter 13 range, coming out on February 1. Our formal shirts are at their best when they’re buttoned up and paired with a strong tie. On this drizzly occasion I paired one of our pin collar check shirts with a navy blue knitted tie and a contrasting blue waistcoat.

After this I chose the bottom half. Levi 510 jeans and desert boots, both of which are firmly in the casual camp. To top the look off I threw a velvet spanner in the works with a dark purple blazer and matching vibrant purple paisley pocket square (from our own collection) to go with the Men’s Style Fashion’s plasma globe umbrella.

While the look can be described as ‘smart-casual’ I’m a believer in each separate item being either entirely smart or wholly casual. Each piece knows which team it belongs with and the compromise between styles only exists once the outfit is complete. Some have said I was conducting one of my better Willy Wonka impressions, while the girl behind me appears to believe I was actually conducting electricity. I’ll leave it to you to decide who was right…

Please visit our website at to view our extensive collections.

MSF Umbrella

MenStyleFashion is excited to announce that in the next coming months is launching its own range of accessories.  Thanks to igopost for supplying the epic umbrella’s more to come.

Carl Thompson - PinCollar Shirts - MenStyleFashion Umbrella Carl Thompson - PinCollar Shirts - MenStyleFashion Umbrella

Photography by mariascard

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