Corporate Fashion Runway – A Creative Team Building Event

Corporate Fashion Runway – A Creative Team Building Event

Team building brings people together by encouraging teamwork and collaboration. Exciting activities help team members see each other in a different light and allows them to connect in that different setting. Team building not only gets people to work together happily but it also increases the levels of productivity in the workplace.

As a manager, you shouldn’t expect a strong team to just happen when you hire competent people. For that to happen, you must help your employees learn about each other, and make them understand why it is important to work together. You should also make it a priority to conduct small team building activities regularly and host one or two large events each year.

Socialising and networking in the workplace is one of the best ways to improve team productivity. And what better way to do that than hosting a Corporate Fashion Runway in an organisation. This team building activity generates maximum team involvement,  team creativity, and hilarious team drama & theatrics. For those who aren’t familiar with the Project Runway’s Unconventional Challenge, let me give you a rundown: In a challenge like this contestants are given a limited time frame to turn the fabrics provided to them into an outfit. Though the team members are most likely less skilled than the designers on Project Runway, this challenge can foster problem solving and creativity.


Here’s How it Works

Taking a cue from a popular TV show, Project Runway is devised to encourage teamwork and improve work productivity.

  • You can begin the event by picking up a theme for the runway. Popular themes include showcasing the power of cross-functional collaboration, unleashing their potential to delight the judges, working together to make each other look good, and much more.
  • After you have chosen a theme, for the event, ask the teams to bring life to the theme through the design and creation of an outfit that one member of each team will model during the catwalk show at the end of the event. Give each team a host of really cool fashion accessories, and fabrics so they can begin designing their costume.
  • Let the team choreograph their runway walks together to bring an edge to their performance and design.
  • Keep small team building activities that are conducted about halfway through the programme – something like a singing competition that can earn them bonus fabrics and types of equipment.
  • Have VIPs from your own organisation judge the winning line.

Rolls Royce Phantom Gracie Opulanza

What to do and Expect During the Competition

When the teams are all ready to rock the ramp walk, kick in some music and turn on the house lights.

  • Time for some Fun – Ask the teams to take their turns on the catwalk in a fabulous display of team creativity and entertainment.
  • While the models are hitting the runway, encourage them to feel confident on the stage.
  • Watch each team bring the event theme to life in beautiful colours and theatrics as each model vies to win the prize.
  • After the judges declare the winning team, call the winning team up on the stage and ask them to reprise their “pitch and walk”.

Benefits of this Activity

Ideal for groups of all sizes as a part of customised Corporate Retreat; Corporate Project Runway has a lot of benefits

  • Creativity
  • Project Management
  • Competition
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Resource Utilisation
  • Fun


When a team is getting along, their stress in the work environment is reduced. When the stress is reduced, energy is freed up to work. Which ultimately results in better team productivity and efficiency. Plus, when the team members are less stressed, their performance is highly affected, and they simply work better. When the workload gets heavy, the team works together to get the job done. The result is a more cooperative system where everyone is contributing optimally.

Your team will enter the world of high fashion in this unique corporate project runway. There will be glamour, competition, high-pressure situations that you would expect to witness in the fashion houses of Versace and Chanel. This fashion runway game might just be the perfect way to energise your team with plenty of fun and laughter. Protection Status

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