When you’re a member of a country club, you are provided with great privileges that only you and other members may enjoy. This most often means free access to amenities such as recreational facilities and dining facilities that are never open to the public. Because of the exclusivity, most country clubs expect their members to fully dress the part.

Even a casual outfit that fits the bill can be costly, especially if the membership dues are already taking a chunk out of your funds. If the budget is a priority for you, It’s important that you select an outfit that’s comfortable and simple without going over cost. Being practical is also the hallmark of a gentleman, so you might as well be fashionable and frugal at the same time.

Go beyond sweaters wrapped around the neck and pastel-coloured. Here’s a style guide that will make for a classy appearance without a big price tag.

1. Simple Tops

Whether or not you like collared shirts, you will have to consider the dress code that your country club enforces. Most exclusive clubs prescribe certain attire for their members, with uniform clothes and good quality fabrics to go with the weather. In other cases, you can come to club events wearing a simple button-up shirt or a polo shirt of any lighter color. What’s crucial to remember to present yourself as comfortably as possible.

In other words, never opt for tops that are too constricting. Go instead for lighter fabrics that allow for greater movement. After all, simple is the best way to go, and not being not too extravagant with your get-up is a plus factor.

Country Club - Fashion The Top Tips

2. Golf Gear

Thinking of hitting the green to score a birdie or two? You will need to be in the proper attire, which also means to say you should be wearing something that’s comfortable in open sunlight. For this, you might as well wear a light-collared shirt made from silk. It allows for greater ventilation and prevents stickiness from setting in.

You can also wear micro stretch shorts which allow for greater flexibility. Finally, complement your attire by having the right gear in your golf pack. You might as well bring in your favorite clubs fitted with stylish steel shafts.

Country Club - Fashion The Top Tips

3. Jackets and Sweaters

Most country clubs require their members to wear formal jackets, for occasions as such as an evening dinner. You can always find cheap jackets that are just as fashionable and stylish. Turning it into a premium style choice is only a matter of tailoring until it becomes the right fit around the waist.

As for the colour, you should be able to find a jacket that’s a good counterbalance to the season. During the hot summer season, for instance, you can opt for linen in bright blue or tan. The lightweight material and the light-reflecting colour create a cooling effect that counteracts the external heat.

If you are more of a sweater person, choose lightweight material for days with clear and blue skies. You can wrap the sweater around your neck to complete your casual get-up. For the best options for jackets and sweaters, vigilantly watch for discounts until you can get the best item when it slips into your budget.

Country Club - Fashion The Top Tips