How To Look Good In The Gym

How To Look Good In The Gym

How To Look Good In The Gym

In the past, men went to the gym so they could look good outside of it. What was once a place for serious exercise and concentration of goals has developed into a chrome and mirror clad social space with plasma backdrops and areas for selfies (yes, really). For many men, looking good in the gym is just as important as looking good outside of it, thanks to singles nights, networking and bromances. Salt stained Slazenger’s are no longer an excuse for work-outs thanks to sport luxe completely revolutionising men’s fashion and design affiliations such as Alexander Wang for Adidas and Olivier Rousteing for Nike. Here are some tips that will help you to get noticed for all the right reasons in the gym (with or without the six pack).


Tone Down The Colour

Sports labels have a fondness for neon colour ways. However, as we all know from experience, what looks good on the rail may not look good in the gym. Unless you hung out in La Hacienda, acidic, vibrant colours are almost always difficult to get right. A top tip is to try and introduce your day wear wardrobe philosophy when developing your gym style; neutrals are always a winner as is ´head to toe´ colour such as all black, white or grey for a more contemporary elegance. Sports stylists have been quoted for years as saying ´black is your friend´ thanks to its ability to hide sweat patches and compliment body types – it makes you slimmer than you are and flatters what you have.




Maintain Your Gym Kit

By now you should know that anything that comes into contact with skin needs regular washing, be it shirts, socks or underwear. Chances are you will be exercising intensively which promotes sweating which can be tough on clothes. By investing in the best gym kit you can budget for will be a good investment for future style and maintenance points. Washing the gym kit each time you exercise and not leaving it in an enclosed holdall for days at a time will prevent staining and odours to give you a fresher outlook on your appearance. To help retard any sports smells, look for baggage and holdall options with silver integrated into the lining; the antibacterial properties of the metal will help to keep the interior contents fresher for longer and if you make lunchtime trips to the gym, a quick spray of sports refresh spritz will keep your contents smelling fresh in the office until you get home.



Form Is Favourite

The only other person who cherishes you pressing more than you can handle is your physiotherapist. You may have charged the bench press station with all the mass in the gym, but raising your hips until they’re higher than your shoulder level means it simply far too heavy and it’s time to lighten up a bit. If your form’s not at its best, lessen the load. You will achieve a bigger gain by lifting less weight properly. By getting your back flat on the bench you’ll achieve more chest activation with less strain.


Stay Away From The Mirrors


Floor to ceiling gym mirrors really are counter-productive. They serve the gym to bounce light, create spaciousness and help you check your form but apart from this, they can actually be bad for your performance. Sports researchers in America found that people who people who watch themselves exercising will achieve a more negative impact on their body image, even if they are normally confident with how they look. Using a mirror whilst squatting has been proven to distort your idea of body position, which is negative for your form, fitness and confidence. Taking the example of Russia, who´s body builders have been known to train blindfolded to increase their sense of space (or to get technical – ´proprioception´). All the best patrons avoid the mirrors as too much checking yourself out can reduce training time; Instead jump to the 21st century and opt for playback video.


The Multi-Purpose Gym Bag

The free gym bag you received when you first joined may have been a nice gesture, but it´s time it went on the same direction as your enthusiasm for yoga. If you train at work (or your office has a gym) then your gym bag should go with your business wear and if your also going down the capsule wardrobe look or you’re a seasoned weekend warrior, this bag should complement your off duty aesthetic. As for storing soiled gym gear in the same backpack for several days – don´t, unless you want to end up smelling like a locker room. The love of neon is just as prevalent in sports baggage as it is in apparel and as we have already decided above, muted shades are the way ahead since they go with everything in your wardrobe. Wipe clean linings will make the occasional freshen up quick and simple for the ongoing maintenance of your sports selection.


Best Fit Forward

It is a rule that can be implemented just as easily to your exercise, casual, formal and professional wardrobe – baggy fits will not mask a baggy body. Your clothes should fit well so they do not flap around when your lifting, running or squatting. Looser knit fabric options can help to hide your limbs making it tricky to assess your performance and muscle strain. By wearing leggins (which Ronaldo has somehow managed to make trendy again) you will be able to cover knobbly and pasty legs with some dignity regardless of your body shape.



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