Craig McGinlay – From Rugby To Actor – His Style Tips

Craig McGinlay – From Rugby To Actor – His Style Tips

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Craig McGinlay

When I met Craig McGinlay at an event in London, with his charming accent and rugged looks, it looked like he belonged in the movie Braveheart. Craig looks the part but most importantly his actions speak louder than words, manners will get you places. Together with Lynx, I arranged to meet again to find out more about this highlander.

Craig is a former professional rugby player whose career was cut short by injuries. Rugby helped him understand the the importance of dedication, drive, and determination in any industry. What followed was a successful career as an injury therapist which later changed to modelling and acting.



Style Attitude

Craig firmly believes that fashion can tell you a lot about someones personality. Quality is important in his choice of clothing and he likes to try things on to see how they look. On trends: “what is trending may look good on some people but not me.”

His casual look is very sporty, he is an ex rugby player after all. Luckily for me he left his favourite Nike Air Max trainers at home, I liked his distressed boots though.


Nike Dry-Fit top, black H&M Jeans, brown distressed leather boots.


Craig’s brown distressed leather boots from H&M, they go from casual, to smart casual , to smart with ease.

Craig’s smart casual look revolves around his Belstaff leather jacket which is expensive but looks great, the rest of his outfit is very affordable.


Craig in his white H&M T-Shirt and black H&M jeans.


Biker style with Belstaff leather jacket.


When it comes to Craig looking smart he is proud to be Scottish, he loves his kilt, shame he did not bring it along. He did pull on a blazer which he says can complete any outfit. What I liked here is his beard comb in his suit pocket where you normally expect a pocket square.

For Craig it is all about dressing to impress here, for him first impressions count, it is better to over dress than to under dress.


Reiss knitted tie and Haig tie pin.


Thomas Pink shirt with a Barbour double breasted blazer with a beard comb in his jacket pocket.


H&M black jeans and H&M brown distressed boots.

Grooming Attitude

Craig’s facial hair started at a young age, he can remember asking his mates dad: “Excuse me, do you have a shaver point for my electric shaver? I was 11 years old. I will never forget his face of shock looking up at me.” To keep his beard in shape, which Craig refers like his pet, he uses beard oil, shampoo and conditioner.


Where ever Craig goes he takes his beard comb with him.


Craig’s favourite aftershaves are Hugo BOSS Original, his first love, and Penhaligons.

His current hairstyle is classic “I always used to do my own thing when it comes to hairstyles and I still do to be honest. As when I try to follow trends sometimes, I find it looks like your trying too hard and it just doesn’t suit.”

On hair products Craig said: “In the past I just chucked whatever hair products I could and styled it in any old way however now I am more conscious.” Now Craig uses hairspray wax and hair powder to give his hair a more natural look and style.



Craig uses a hairspray wax and hair powder to style his hair.

Final Note

Craig loves constructive criticism, someone telling him that was good, or that was excellent tells him nothing. Feedback on what could have been better is always good, “I am a big believer in that you can always do better.”

Craig is level headed and stays himself in the acting and modelling industries: “You have your own skill sets and I think it is important to be you. If you try and be someone else then it will shine through. I am inspired by people in the industries but very much go with my heart and do what I believe in.” Craig is currently playing a role in the movie Knights Of The Round Table: King Arthur.

Let me know how you find Craig’s style and grooming tips in the comments below.


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Photo’s by Maria Scard

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