Ricki Hall – Interview – Model Famous For Beards & Tattoos

Ricki Hall – Interview – Model Famous For Beards & Tattoos

Ricki Hall - Tattoo and Beard Male Model blue trousers

Ricki Hall

Last year I wrote an article about the Sons of Heroes brand and collection. What I could remember from the photos we posted with the article was a bearded rough-looking full tattooed model, it was Ricki Hall. As he is a very unconventional male model I decided it would be interesting for our readers to interview Ricki.

You’re not the conventional model. Why and how did you get into it?

I got scouted whilst I was having a weekend with my friend in London. I was walking out of Topman, as just got myself a plain white tee (default attire), and I got approached as I was walking out. I got sent to Nevs, my model agency, and the rest is history.

Tattoo trends are bigger than ever. Talks us through how you go about choosing your tattoo. Can you recommend any products you used when getting them done and places you go to. What messages do they have if any?

Yeah, tattoos are massive in the model industry right now, my mate Ash Stymest and also singer/model Josh Beech pretty much started the whole tattooed model look. However, I was the one with the beard and its served me well. I was with Ash and Jimmy Q (another tattooed model and close friend) at the converse party at the circle tattoo in soho. It got pretty naughty pretty quickly, a fun affair, give models a free bar and its game over!

In regards to tattoo care, I just use a good nappy rash cream to rub on them, I’ve always used that and it’s done me just fine! As for how I choose my designs….I can be daydreaming on the tube and come up with a fun design etc and give it to my tattooist and he will incorporate into my ever-growing collection. I mostly go to Zibi Dombek who is my main tattoo artist. He knows exactly what I’m into and always comes up with ideas that I’ve given him so it fits in with what I already have, he is a great friend too!

Most of them don’t really mean anything, I have a lot of girlfriends names covered up, never get your partners name tattooed on you, it’s a tattoo curse (in my opinion) I have a dinosaur and a coffin covering up a couple of ex’s names.

You have a rocking beard & lots of hair. Talk us through the steps you take to grow it, maintain it etc

I just grew my beard, no trimming or sculpting, that’s a mistake most people make who are growing a beard, they shape it or trim bits, just grow the fucking thing, you’ll know when it’s time to trim, leave the bitch alone. Always put a beard oil or lube on it, I use a lot of the bearded bastards gear and Mr King’s Wax, it’s top-shelf stuff. Can’t go far wrong with that naughty gear knocking about your chops.

I get it cut by my good mate Kevin Luchmun ( @kevinluchmun ) he is a wizard with the fucking scissors and clippers. I use Uppercut deluxe hair pomade ( @uppercutdeluxe ) it’s a proper on point hair pomade, can’t praise this stuff enough.
Some key staples pieces a man should own in his wardrobe

Key staples : 5 white tees that fit you perfectly, a good quality pair of brogues, a hand made suit, John Lancaster does mine ( @jlsaicons ) some fitted indigo denim jeans, I wear Nudie or flying Horse, some battered up Dr Martens, Brixton Beanie, Donkey jacket and some Adidas Sambas. You can’t go wrong with any of that racket.

Does a man have to relate fashion to his favourite vehicle or sport. What’s your take on this?

I don’t believe so, I had a 1997 BMW E36 328i and loved it like you couldn’t imagine, but with BMW’s there is something universally magical that you don’t get with any other vehicle, I want a BMW M3 2003 model, such a slice of a car, people automatically think you’re gangster for driving that kind of car, especially as I live in Brixton, fuck it, I’d look dangerous!!

What tips would you advice guys wanting to come into modelling at your level. What struggles have you encountered in modelling. How have you handled it.

You have to be thick skinned and need to deal with rejection! You need to realise that you can’t get every job that your agency sends you to! The quicker you learn that the better. It took me a while to get noticed, but I stuck with it and I have great bookers, they look after me at Nevs, they have an amazing team. I Have a lot of time for them.

How do you stay in shape?

Haha, erm, I drink and smoke quite heavily but I do run a lot, I just use my local park to work out. I don’t go to fancy gyms or classes, a pull up bar, some logs and a large field and that’s enough for what I need to keep trim. I’m pretty lucky in the sense that I don’t put weight on easily, my day will come though where I just explode and will be a big out of shape monster ball crying into his sausage and beans.

Underwear any brand you like? Are you a fan of men wearing lace underwear if so why or why not.

I’m very open minded, if men want to wear lace underwear then why the fuck not! I’ve never participated in this practice but I can’t say anything negative about it as one hasn’t tried it. If and when I do, I might be able to answer this more directly. Knowing me I’d probably like it. I do love Diesel, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood Underwear. It’s just pretty fucking awesome. You never know when you have to get your jeans off, and when your displaying a fresh pair of Vivs it always makes the medicine go down easier.

What do you think about men fashion right now?

This is a hard question for me and I don’t think it’s something I can really answer, I’ve never followed men’s fashion, I just wear clothes that I know and am comfortable in! You can’t go wrong with the original brands, Fred Perry, Dr Martens, Levi’s, Wrangler, Farah, Ben Sherman etc with a few later ones thrown in! Men seem to be upping the game now, I’ve seen some absolute slices knocking around lately, what suits someone may not necessarily suit you, it’s knowing your game and look, if you’ve got that covered then you’re on fire.

What painting would you like to have been a part of?

I’ve already been involved in a few paintings, and one I really wanted to be apart of was my friend and Artist John Lee Birds collection, it was such an honour for him to paint me, you can check his work out here johnleebird.com it’s fun and outrageously cool.

Ricki Hall - Tattoo and Beard Male Model
Ricki Hall - Tattoo and Beard Male Model

Image Credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce
Ricki Hall - Tattoo and Beard Male Model

Ricki Hall by Ram Shergill for Ziad Ghanem Couture AW13

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