Cravat – All Hail The Cravat

Cravat – All Hail The Cravat

Rise of the Cravat

Move over bow tie, and make way for the sartorially elegant silk cravat. There has been a huge resurgence of the well-dressed modern gent in the last few years, and popularity of men’s accessories have escalated hugely with the bow tie, pocket square and boutonnière being part of a man’s wardrobe.

That said, more and more gentlemen these days are opting for the open-neck shirt, which unfortunately appears rather ‘lack-lustre’ and even displays a sense of slovenliness. It’s getting to the point where this is seen too often and men let themselves down a little by purchasing a fine suit or outfit only to spoil it by leaving it unfinished. A necktie or bow tie completes the look, although it seems the restrictiveness of having to button ones shirt right up to the top is becoming less favourable due to lack of comfort.

A cravat is the perfect answer to this predicament, as it’s the perfect accessory to finish off an outfit for the sartorial chap, while bearing comfort and style at the same time. And as every woman knows, a well-dressed man is certain to stand out from the crowd and turn heads at social events!

Cravat Club, an online store British Made (11)

Cravat Club

Cravat Club, an online store which sells British made silk cravats and pocket squares is determined to appeal this long forgotten cravat to the younger market, with customers ranging from in their mid-late 20s to in their 40s. Of course, they have the more mature patrons visiting their e-commerce store too, but thanks to Cravat Club’s off-the-wall imagery on their site (think bearded and tattooed male models on motorbikes), they have turned this original concept on its head and opened up ideas for the cravat’s versatility.

“I wanted to ensure that Cravat Club’s image steered away from the stuffy and outdated undertones that cravats have traditionally had, and that a slightly edgier and more contemporary touch would be ideal for today’s market and to appeal to a wider audience, not just for the more mature gentleman!” – Jenny Meguro, Director for Cravat Club

If you haven’t tried a cravat before you may be surprised how comfortable it is to wear, and paired with the right outfit, how stylish it looks. You don’t have to make a huge statement wearing it; be as subtle or as bold as you like by positioning the cravat slightly lower or higher around your neck and show as little or as much as you like. It doesn’t have to be with a conventional shirt either, try it with a polo shirt, or wearing it tucked inside a waistcoat or slim fitting jacket. Once you find what suits you, you will be wearing it with conviction and brimming with bravado!

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