Ties for Men – Update Your Tie Image

Ties for Men – Update Your Tie Image

Men wearing a vintage style tie

Ties For Men

The preppy styles this season have helped dress up men’s casual wear and encourage companies to embrace tie fashion on many different levels. A large number of fashion-conscious males are adopting their own tie fashion.

In this tough economy you have to play it safe. So how can you adopt a more tailored, dressy attire with classic styles but not looking so boring. For those men who  continue to wear ugly ties with obnoxious sayings,  remember first impressions count. You need to know that your tie states a lot about you.

What does your Ties or Bow Ties say about you?

Why Do Men Wear Ties?

Neckties date back hundreds of years as the direct result of a war. In 1660, in celebration of the Ottoman Empire, a crack regiment from Croatia visited Paris. As a celebration the soldiers were shown as  heroes to Louis XIV. The officers were wearing brightly colored handkerchiefs created of silk around their necks. They say the neck clothes may have descended from the Roman fascalia worn by orators to warm the vocal chords. The king loved the idea, and he created a regiment of Royal Cravattes. The word “cravat,” is derived from the word “Croat.”

Who Created The First Designer Ties?

A Paris fashion designer named Jean Patou, used silk from women’s clothing material to make his high end ties. In the 1920’s patterns called Cubism and Art Deco were widely seen hence most of his designs and inspiration came from here.

Knitted Tie

This style gives a softer look to your shirt. You can get flat-headed or smartly angled designs. Just make sure your pattern and color represents you. Add a tie accessory. Just remember what message are you giving out?

Ties for men - Knitted tie with machine Gun tie clip

TIes - Knitted ties for men - striped and colourful

Cartoon style Tie

Dated move on. Cartoon ties will be laughed at for all the wrong reasons.

Ties - Yellow & Lime ties

This yellow number is nasty.

Ties for men pink vintage

Classic but with a nice subtle shirt it looks stylish indeed.

Checkered style grey tie matches the chequered grey suit

Ties for men - chequered style grey tie with skull headshirt

Grey classic is always a stylish message but add a quirky twist to your shirt shows you’re a man of action.

Ties for men - Gabriel Zeller in a grey suit

Don’t be afraid to clash your prints with your tie.

Ties for men - Red vintage paisley and chunky tie

Vintage red and yellow striped tie

Ties for men vintage- school ties

Chunky and vintage. These ties state that you’re not afraid to show off your trendy side. You’re a man of detail and research. Not afraid to take on new challenges. This a a great quality to have in business.

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