Tuxedo Style Tips – What Do I Wear With It

Tuxedo Style Tips – What Do I Wear With It
Waistcoats worn with a Tuxedo blue velvet


Tuxedo Style Tips

It is the on-going eternal turmoil – What do I wear with my Tuxedo? What looks good, and what is over the top? It has been known for a while that the Cummerbund is slightly out of fashion at the moment, bringing a more traditional look to the tuxedo.

Top Five Tips To Wearing a Waistcoat With a Tuxedo

Waistcoats, however, bring a timeless elegance and sartorial beauty to an already well tailored garment.  Here are our top five tips to wearing a waistcoat with a tuxedo:

  1. If you have a single breasted tuxedo, a waistcoat is a must. The reasoning behind this is to conceal the bit of white shirt fabric between your jacket button and waistband.
  2. Ensure that the lining of the tuxedo matches with the colour used for the back of the waistcoat. A mish-mash of colours does not look smart and, for a black-tie event, elegance is of the upmost importance – you do not wan to be the only person with a colourful waistcoat when everybody else is so pleasing to the eye!
  3. Midnight blue tuxedos are making a comeback. This was portrayed by Daniel Craig in Skyfall. We all have a secret desire to transform into James Bond, so why not look into a slightly more unique tuxedo in this colour, and team it with a waistcoat?
  4. A waistcoat can make a fairly boring tuxedo, look far sharper and more unique. Ensure though, that the waistcoat is tailored to your size and proportions and that it looks just as good when you are seated, as it does when you are standing with your jacket buttoned up!
  5. NEVER wear a waistcoat AND a cummerbund at the same time. It is over the top and it does not look good, choose one or the other! Both the waistcoat and cummerbund can be seen as decorative accessorize to some extend, so do not over accessorize.
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Waistcoats worn with a Tuxedo red prints and silk
Waistcoats worn with a Tuxedo rich velvet deep purple
Waistcoats worn with a Tuxedo beards
Waistcoats worn with a Tuxedo tartan
Waistcoats worn with a Tuxedo tartan

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