Cricket Fashion - Come Back For Summer Fashion 2014

Cricket Inspiration

The all white – wash ensemble is making a comeback for summer. With cricket season upon us designers such as Hackett and Kent & Curwen, showcased their interpretation of a truly chic outfit that barely reminds us of athletic gear.

The dapper essence of the cricket outfit is the go-to choice for a gentleman like approach to summer whites. SS14 was filled with stunning male models walking down the runway sporting creations inspired by the classic cricket trend.  Case in point, the impeccable Hackett show which closed with a white bang of gent-like models in stripy blazers, leg pads and top hats.

Actually, paying tribute to the sport of cricket is a lot like paying tribute to the English heritage and Victorian aesthetic. For example, the tailoring houses of Saville Row, and Wallmark implemented elements of the Victorian era in their summer collections. Such was the brand of Kent & Curwen a long standing brand, which began by creating ties and club outfits for the renowned universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the late 1920’s. This year, new Creative Director Simon Spurr took on the legacy of the brand and gave it a contemporary 2014 twist. However, one of the items he kept intact was the brand’s iconic cricket jumper, which was first created in the 1930’s, and quickly became a Hollywood trademark adopted by film stars such as Cary Grant, Errol Flynn, Laurence Olivier, and C Aubrey Smith a.k.a. the members of the famous ‘Hollywood Cricket Club’.

How To Wear

Using the cricket sportswear as inspiration lies in the details while maintaining an all white outfit, a canvas for creation if you will. For example, wide slouchy trousers in white or off white tones for a close imitation to the look or you can modernize it with slimmer fitting pants, a classic polo t-shirt and white trainers.  If you want to go all out try low cut pants with white socks and Gatsby inspired accessories such as chic bow ties, blazers or a cap if you feel like hitting the golf court. You don’t necessarily have to stick to an all white colour palette, try adding splashes of pastel colours like pink, blue or green. Pair the look with a cricket jumper and your summer outfit is sorted.

Cricket Fashion - Come Back For Summer Fashion 2014 Cricket Fashion - Come Back For Summer Fashion 2014 Cricket Fashion - Come Back For Summer Fashion 2014