Striped Trousers & Suits – Business or a Casual Affair

Striped Trousers & Suits – Business or a Casual Affair

Striped Trousers

Has anyone else noticed that as the mercury begins to climb the colours in our wardrobe expand into a whole new flamboyant dimension? I don’t know what it is exactly about the sunshine but every season the summer months bring out a whole new side to our wardrobes character; one that appears free from the shackles of winter malaise, ready and willing to embrace the onset of the summer months.

Personally, I don’t comprehend the need to change one’s sartorial palette due to the whims of the weather; of course shorts and vests aren’t going to be doing you any favours in the depths of winter, in the same way, a Parka jacket is somewhat obsolete on a warm summers day, but forget about greys for winter and yellows for summer, these are colours we can wear all year round – no matter the forecast.

Striped Trousers – What’s Hot For 2013

One such item that seems unable to transcend the seasons are striped trousers; they appear so entrenched in the psyche of summer and French Rivera’s that men’s folk are incapable of embracing their carefree elegance during the colder climes.

I own a pair of YMC (You Must Create) light-blue and white striped trousers that are one of my go-to pieces no matter the season; they are effortless with a t-shirt, lightweight summer jacket and loafers but work just as well with a knitted jumper, knee-length Peacoat and pair of sturdy leather boots. I do not feel a need to wear them one season or another, they are worn in during all four seasons, no matter the weather.

This summer season has seen a deluge of striped trousers from some wonderful brands including ACNE – who have gone stripe crazy in both the shirt and trouser departments – Costume National and Comme Des Garcons who has taken the black and white stripe out of prison uniforms and filed them onto the catwalk and Diesel Black Gold who have used a mix of darker reds and blues to give the striped trouser a more playful demeanour.

It is great to see menswear breaking down the boundaries and being more open in our approach towards our leg-wear. We all need a staple pair of jeans and chinos but fashion should be fun, it is about taking the old and making it new and that is exactly where the striped trousers come into its own.

This summer there are no excuses for not embracing something a little different in your sartorial choices, so when September comes back around as it inevitably will, please do not put your striped trousers at the back of your wardrobe because you’ll be missing out on a whole lot of fun this winter.


Bomber Jacket - Striped TOPMAN 2013


Striped jackets FOR MEN 2013

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