Corporate Fashion – Peacocking in the Workplace

For those of you who don’t know “Peacocking” is the act of adapting ones behaviour or clothing in order to stand out. The term comes from the act of a Peacock showing his plumage in order to attract the attention of a female.

This term is not only applicable in terms of attracting someone you’ve got your eye on; the art of peacocking can in fact be a successful tactic within the workplace. Now I am not suggesting you go into your office with a bright multi-colours shirt on, but making minor fashion changes can actually have a significant impact.


Cufflinks are an accessory many men will use on a daily basis and probably won’t give much thought to. However cufflinks are an excellent accessory to utilise in order to stand out in your office, by wearing a design that is out of the norm there is a greater possibility of being noticed. I would suggest avoiding novelty cufflinks or over the top ‘loud’ pieces, but wear cufflinks that are unusual. Chances are someone will comment on them and spark a conversation you may not of had, had you selected your standard plain cufflinks.

Look to for high end alternative designs, with great craftsmanship. A favourite of mine is the blue round gear frame, partner this with a plain white shirt in order to make the cufflink really stand out.

For those on a limited budget check out . Not On The Highstreet do some great cufflinks at very reasonable prices, however I stress again, avoid the novelty items. You don’t want to be “that guy”.


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Give it Some Thought

Other items to consider are items that you may not give any thought to such as your tie.  If it is a style that suits you a bow tie is an excellent way to draw attention, jane carr have started to carry some amazing printed bow ties. Avoid the “louder” prints to keep a formal look to your work attire.

A second item to give a bit more thought to is your watch, whether you opt for the techy stuff such as the Nike+ FuelBand or a classic Tag Heuer, your watch should make a statement about you. As always go with whatever suits you best, you should know your style limits and what will not suit you, so adapt the advice given to suit your own personal style.

What is the Point?

The point of making yourself stand out through what you wear is to stand out in people’s minds. By standing out from the norm you will leave a lasting impression, for example a senior person remembered my name because I showed up to my first day with a skinny tie and a scaffold piercing. This was not the normal attire for a senior meeting but left a lasting impression.

It is widely discussed how the more visible you are the more likely you are to be considered for things such as interesting project work, promotions etc. So why not maximise your visibility through your style.