Cufflinks – Weddings, Business & Ice Breakers

Cufflinks – Weddings, Business & Ice Breakers
Cuff Links - Gear and Gunmetal


Whether you are meeting someone for the first time or heading to a business meeting the link is in your cuff. It’s the big day and you want to give an indirect message. The day turns into night, jackets are off and let the party begin. What message do you want to share with your family, friends or acquaintances ? There are no set rules here. Just make sure you think about what message you want to convey.

Why Invest in Cufflinks?

Nice conversation starter and ice breaker for when you’re meeting someone for the first time. They are a perfect gift even for people you don’t really know. They make any shirt look complete with a hidden message. They are a powerful statement without being too over the top. Great for when you are eating, to stop your shirt sleeve getting into the food.

Types of Cufflinks for 2013

  • Sports Style – If you’re a football fan and you want to remind your partner what they are  in for. Then your message is going to be loud and clear.
  • Groom – In case people have not noticed,  you are the groom and proud of it.
  • Best Man – If you need your role reminded throughout the day then just look at your cuff links for a huge reminder.
  • Personal Choice – The Rose cuff, diamonds or your love for anything metal cuff links are a subtle way to state who you are.

You’ll be amazed how complete your cufflinks make your sleeves look. It’s sophisticated, personal and stylish.

Cuff Links - Cricket Bat and Ball

Cuff Links - Diamonds 2013

Cuff Links - Gear and Gunmetal
Edie and Ravenscroft rose cuff link for men 2013

Wedding Cuff Links - Arsenal 2013

Wedding Cuff Links - for men 2013

Wedding Cuff Links - for men 2013

Wedding Cuff Links - for men 2013

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