Engagement Rings – Ring In Your Changes

Engagement Rings – Ring In Your Changes

There are probably more troths pledged at Christmas than bad sweaters returned at New Year. Maybe the sometimes claustrophobic bosom of the family at this time makes us yearn for someone else’s; either way official or otherwise, those hardy individuals determined to make two become as one makes the festive season the most popular time for flashing the box containing that all important symbol of love the engagement ring.

If you’re planning an impromptu occasion or methodically planning the event like a savant, let’s explore some of the procedures that you need to observe to help the plan go like a well oiled machine and not just a well oiled individual jumping the gun.



It´s All About The Preparation

Prep School

If you’re planning on springing a surprise, then it’s always best to try and clandestinely check out your partners ring size. Short of breaking into the jewelry box or swiping a spare ring off the dresser, there are several site dotted around the internet that will allow you to print off ring sizing sheets that will at least allow you to secretly compare one of your partners right ring finger rings and give you a good guesstimate of size before you part with the readies. Even if you get it badly wrong don’t despair, as the friendly jeweler will adjust the offending item to a comfortable band size.


Diamond Geezer

If you don’t already know or been living under a non precious rock for millennia, diamonds really are a girls best friend and its important to know a little about this highly pressure created rock. The trade knows it as the four ‘C’s’ and you should be aware of it as well if you intend parting with a large slab of well-earned moolar.

  • Cut: A really good diamond will have plenty of light refraction through its crystal lattice.
  • Clarity: A quality diamond will be totally clear, no opaqueness, marked or blemished crystal.
  • Carat: This is the perceived Carat Weight of the diamond with bigger and better rocks costing more.
  • Coulour:  Colours pure diamond has no tone or hue and should be completely clear. They don’t call diamonds ‘Ice’ in the movies for nothing!


The Other ‘C’ Word

Ok, we’ve skirted around the issue so far, but brace you, what about the cost? Well the sky’s the limit from a couple of weeks salary to hundreds of thousands if you wished to spend that way .For variety there are colored gemstones available such is the perking order of the seasonal favorites and if you cannot reach the heady financial heights of colored diamonds there are also the old favorites of sapphire and ruby, but for the extra brownie points buy the best possible diamond the budget will allow including options such as the classic white .Brand names to look out for are Polly Wales and  Nirav Modi  and for up and coming suppliers seek out Kataoka and Andrew Geoghan.



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Custom Classics

Undoubtedly, although you and your wallet will be spoilt for choice and if you want something specific, then consider the custom made ring. This need not be as expensive as you think with jewelers falling over themselves to offer a bespoke service of handmade ring fare from around £2,000; which is little more than a reasonable second hand vehicle and will last a lot longer if its cherished .The bespoke approach does have the benefit of design, stone preparation and setting and of course several consultations with the prospective happy couple to get things just right. Whatever you choose, enjoy the experience, make memories and see you at the altar!


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