Colour Trends For 2017 – How To Embrace It

Colour Trends For 2017 – How To Embrace It

Continuing with our second part on how to decompress any doubting gentlemen out there into having the courage of their own convictions and try colour palettes that they might not necessarily have considered. By using a variety of colourful accessories as part of their capsule wardrobe, any gent out there can revitalize their outfits and reenergize sartorial confidence at the same time.

We’ve already explored the colours green, purple and pink to wear with the holy trinity base colours of Blue, Black and Gray/white; so now we go a step further with an exploration of some more unexpectedly useful weapons in the armoury of men’s colour.

Yellow – Colour Application

  • Pair with: Yellow, greens and orange (Easy Peasey)
  • Contrast with: Mauve, blue and pinks (Contemplation required)
  • Compliment with: Violets (Get head scratching again)
  • Classic: Neutrals in white, charcoal, grey and navy blue (Luverly jubberly)

It used to be said if you have a sallow complexion avoid yellow and I often remember my own fashion ´faux pax´ wearing a yellow cheesecloth shirt (Yes such things existed, but now are fortunately banned) and a pair of bright red trousers and white shoes. My own then pale complexion made me look ill and after several not too complimentary comments by so-called ‘friends ‘.

I quickly dumped Burtons finest in the bin. Yellow can be used sparingly but only with neutral schemes in white, grey, beige, and blue and charcoal. The bottom line is doing be overpowering with yellow or risk being diagnosed with jaundice! Using darker hues in gold and mustard will help give you a stronger complexion.

If you are blessed with olive skin don’t wear anything close to your colour such as green as it will look draining. Separates in T-shirts, polo’s and light sweaters look great in yellow when teamed with blue or grey flannel trousers. Avoid falling into the golfer trap by selecting some quality shoes or designer trainers to finish.

Orange Colour Application

  • Pair with:  Reds and Yellows
  • Contrast with: Blue greens and Mauve (Easy Peasey)
  • Compliment with: Blue violets (Rinse that thinking cap)
  • Classic: Earthy hues, navy, grey and black (Top Of The Class)

Orange has been around for several seasons but now is more toned down in hue these days making it more suitable for use as a flash of interest as a tie or pocket square next to a smart grey or navy suit. Brighter hues reflect well with darker complexions and orange rust shades can be worn with light skins to give a refreshing appearance; just ensure to balance what you wear with a selection of neutral colours as your main look.

Brown Colour Application

Classic blue and earthy tones

Previously thought of as undesirable colour, brown has been shaking things up a bit in the fashion houses of late with fabrics such as shearling surfacing again after a significant absence. Using earth colours with classic blue will always look good giving mild and interesting contrast with the brown appearing more luxurious. Extra interest can be added with the use of green, khaki, burnt orange, mustard and beige to accessorize or counterpoint shirt, jacket or sweaters.

Raid your winter wardrobe and see what shades of brown is already present and pair with chinos or tan corduroy trousers. Chocolate brown leather jackets and camel merino crew sweaters team well and you can finish off with quality boots or brogues for the complete coordinated, fresh and up to date look that designer Tom Ford couldn’t fault. Enjoy!

Colour Trends For 2017 - How To Embrace It

Colour Trends For 2017 - How To Embrace It

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