Orange Colour – 50 Shades of Orange for Men to Wear

Orange Colour – 50 Shades of Orange for Men to Wear

50 Shades of Orange for 2014

At London Collections Men just gone for 2014 there was one colour that you guys need to understand that was everywhere on the catwalk. It’s ORANGE.

Yes, that’s right, Although emerald was voted colour of the year, this bright colour is making fashion headlines FOR 2014. Some people say that it is too bright and too bold to be put into any sort of collection, but look at what Alexander McQueen and TOPMAN have designed. They are using this glorious colour and it looks great! Maybe for some there is just a lack of understanding as to how to use this colour in an outfit properly and designers are just starting to piece together looks for this tricky colour and see what its potential is.

Alexander mcQueen - fall winter 2013

Topman fall winter 2013 - london collections men

Topman fall winter 2013 - london collections men 2

Topman fall winter 2013 - london collections men 3

Topman fall winter 2013 - london collections men 4

Topman fall winter 2013 - london collections men 5

One thing that must be noted, it cannot stand alone in one outfit. Except for these two looks by Topman Design. It has to have a complimentary colour, or a colour that is right next to it on the colour wheel. You could also use it with black, or blue, depending on what shade of orange you use. John Galiano featured orange in his new men’s fall 2013 line, with orange shoes and laces. Yes that is a small amount, but it made the line look complete. And E. Tautz used the colour in the new fall 2013 line. NOW IT’S COMING BACK IN A HUGE WAY FOR 2014.

John Galliano in Paris for men for the winter 2013

e tautz - london collections

What Colours To Mix It With

Black is always a good colour to use with everything. As seen in the picture of Alexander Mcqueen fall 2013/14 line. Although most people think it’s a default colour. Blues, pinks and sometimes green can work. It’s odd, but pleasantly surprising to see what colours go well with orange. What also works well is camel or khaki as seen with the Topman collection.

Colour theory is in, according to Harpers Bazaar spring 2013 report, whether its men’s for women’s clothing. Maybe the new found love for this bright colour is a part of that, along with blues, greens and pinks. People like to see something new, and the designers are starting to realize that bold colours are ascetically pleasing to the eye.

Overall, orange is a much more versatile colour then you may think. Look at different designers now, they are using it more and more.

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