Da Nang Marriot Resort And Spa Vietnam – Reviewed

Da Nang Marriot Resort And Spa Vietnam – Reviewed

TThe Da Nang Marriott Resort & Spa provides a peaceful retreat surrounded by the captivating scenery of Non-Nuoc Beach, which Forbes magazine has recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines. With options ranging from rooms with views of the ocean or gardens to private villas that offer views of both, complete with their own pools, the resort transitioned to Marriott’s management in 2022.

Da Nang, situated along the central coast of Vietnam, is an ideal destination for a spring visit. During this season, the area is less crowded with tourists, and the daytime temperatures hover comfortably between 26-28 degrees Celsius.

The Da Nang Marriott Resort is renowned for its elegant Indochine style, which is evident in its wooden furniture, brocade embroidered cushions, classic table lamps, and functional desks. If you’re organizing an event in Da Nang, consider booking the Grand Ballroom at the resort, capable of accommodating up to 600 guests. It’s perfect for large gatherings with a backdrop of tranquil beaches.

The resort also offers beachfront villas featuring wooden furnishings and expansive bathrooms with balconies, providing a private retreat.

Not far from the Da Nang Marriott Resort, you’ll find the fascinating caves and Buddhist sites of Marble Mountains.  Additionally, don’t miss a visit to the historic town of Hoi An, just a 20-minute taxi journey away, where you can immerse yourself in its ancient charm.

Hoi An lanterns Vietnam

Making a wish with a lantern in Hoi An is very popular

Hoi An Vietnam 2023 streetstyle asia (10)

Social media street style is a must here in Hoi An – near the Japanese bridge


The Da Nang Marriott Resort provides guests with the kind of luxurious amenities expected from a five-star establishment, including the rarity of five large swimming pools scattered throughout the resort—a feature not commonly found in Da Nang. The dedicated staff team ensures a warm and bubbly reception in the tranquil lobby, where I was treated to delightful iced ginger tea and refreshingly cold towels by the attentive concierge service.

It was a pleasure to encounter staff members adorned in Vietnam’s traditional attire, the ao dai, which added a genuine touch of local culture. The staff’s willingness to go above and beyond in providing assistance was evident throughout my stay, enhancing the overall experience.

Being welcomed into this unique setting, nestled within an ecological reserve, was an unparalleled experience. The resort’s exquisite location is distinct from any other place I’ve visited, offering a truly exceptional stay.

Reception Danang Marriot Resort And Spa - Vietnam Reviewed Ocean view Room Hotel

Five Swimming Pools

At the heart of the Da Nang Marriott Beach & Spa resort lie five swimming pools, designed to cater to the preferences of every guest, regardless of age. Whether I was enjoying the delicious breakfast at Goji Kitchen, savoring exquisite meals at Madame Son, or relaxing with a fresh coconut at the Writer’s Bar, the pools always offered an appealing invitation for a swim.

Danang Marriot Resort And Spa - Vietnam Reviewed

One of the pools, a lap pool over 40 meters long, was perfect for those looking to stay fit, like my husband. The sprawling central lounge pool, with its infinity edge almost touching the beach, provided a sublime spot to soak in the day and listen to the ocean’s whispers.

For children, a safe and fun-filled small pool was available, complete with life jackets and vigilant lifeguards for safety. The remaining two pools were havens for adults seeking to immerse themselves in the serene, tropical ambience.

Beyond swimming, the resort’s gym allowed me to keep up with my fitness routine, offering assistance with any unfamiliar equipment. Tennis courts, nestled amidst lush tropical greenery, added another layer of leisure activity.

While many hotels boast spa services, often leaving much to be desired, the Quan Spa at the Da Nang Marriott Beach Resort stood out as a genuinely luxurious retreat. From the tastefully decorated and immaculate spa centre to the unique salt room where I awaited my deep tissue massage, the experience was thoroughly indulgent and refreshing.

Danang Marriot Resort And Spa - Vietnam Reviewed Quan Spa (2)

The hotel boasts an elaborate massage and beauty centre, as well as a plunge pool on its first level. In anticipation of my treatment, I was delighted to discover a unique salt room something quite rare in Da Nang!


Make time to stroll around the gardens. I felt at ease exploring the serene gardens, both day and night. It’s not just the tranquil atmosphere, but also the laid-back vibe that visitors can savour as they stroll through this snug haven!

Danang Marriot Resort And Spa - Vietnam Reviewed

Danang Marriot Resort And Spa - Vietnam Reviewed Ocean view Room Hotel (19)

Madam Son Restaurant

Restaurant Madam Son is proud to present an array of tantalizing gastronomic delights on its rear terrace with panoramic views of the gleaming swimming pools. I liked how they incorporated the famous lanterns within the decor as an acknowledgement of Hoi An Ancient Town, famous for lanterns. The food on offer was a fusion of Western food meets Eastern cuisines.

We indulged in an entree of wonderful tartare beef and a spicey pumpkin soup which was delicious.

Madame Son Marriott Danang restaurant

Entree and Main Dishes

The irresistible blend of Australian beef and pasta is an unusual combination but my teenage daughter was a big fan of it. I opted for a crab dish with pasta which was sweet and very refreshing, once again my daughter loved the tangy taste of the pasta. The spicey pumpkin soup was wonderful as an entree. One can never go wrong with steak tartare very refreshing indeed for tropical living.


Below is a dessert dish an edible part of the lotus plant is the root, seeds, and young flower stalks. The lotus seeds can be eaten raw as they are sweet. When the seeds become brown, they can be made into a paste or ground into flour for baking. This is a must-try as it is very different from what I have tasted in Asia. The lotus seed sweet soup with longan (Che hat sen long nhan) is a delicious Vietnamese summer dessert. This pleasant aroma and sweetness, create a relaxing effect, perfect for hot summer nights. This was combined with beautifully presented meringue and fresh strawberries a nice balance.

Madame Son Marriott Danang restaurant

One can never go wrong when having teenage girls who adore everything with a tang flavour and a very, fluffy crepe.

dessert Marriot Madam Son


While eating breakfast we opted to sit outside to hear the sound of the lapping waves and to look out at the reflection of the sun on the water. For many people, a hearty breakfast is a perfect prelude to a productive day. Whether you opt for pancakes or oatmeal, this meal is an essential component of starting off each morning. This is a great time to start the day with an opportunity for family bonding!

My teenage daughters loved the option of sweets and ice- cream for breakfast. But for me, breakfast without local fresh juices is like a day without sunshine. I love mango juice and there was plenty of it. There were plenty of local Vietnamese dishes to choose from too. If it’s not pho soup, it’s not breakfast.

Delux Ocean View Room

My family of four enjoyed our stay in the Deluxe Ocean View room, which featured twin beds and a balcony offering stunning views of the lush gardens. The Deluxe Ocean guest room with one king-size bed provided an unobstructed view of the swimming pools and the soothing sounds of the ocean, adding a therapeutic touch to our stay.

Upon arrival, we were delighted by the thoughtful welcome of exquisite French treats, underscoring the five-star hotel’s commitment to meticulous attention to detail.

Danang Marriot Resort And Spa - Vietnam Reviewed Ocean view Room

The room’s luxurious design included large windows, arched doorways, and extensive use of natural materials like stone and wood, creating an inviting atmosphere. Spanning 54sqm/581sqft, the space included a living area, a sitting room, and an outdoor area perfect for enjoying the ocean’s ambience.

The entrance featured beautifully panelled wooden doors, leading to a room adorned with charming French and Indonesian wooden décor. The traditional wooden flooring added a warm, authentic touch that I particularly appreciated.

Danang Marriot Resort And Spa - Vietnam Reviewed Ocean view Room Danang Marriot Resort And Spa - Vietnam Reviewed Ocean view Room

The presence of a dedicated desk alongside fresh sunflowers created an ideal environment for work, blending functionality with natural beauty.

Danang Marriot Resort And Spa - Vietnam Reviewed Ocean view Room


The bathroom experience was equally delightful, featuring a large tub positioned to offer views of nature, providing a serene setting for relaxation.

The use of Vietnam’s local marble in the design of the separate bathtub and shower area added a touch of elegance and local charm to the luxurious bathroom.

Danang Marriot Resort And Spa - Vietnam Reviewed Ocean view Room bathroom


Upon our arrival at the Da Nang Marriott Beach Resort & Spa, we were enveloped in a peaceful atmosphere that led us into the sunlit reception area. This inviting space, filled with natural light and lined with numerous windows, offered beautiful views of the lush, verdant grounds teeming with greenery. It felt as though nature itself was welcoming us, setting the tone for our stay with its tranquil embrace.

The resort’s gardens, a harmonious blend of serenity and meticulously landscaped beauty, integrate flawlessly with the modern, standalone suites discreetly positioned among them. As a guest, wandering through these gardens heightened my sense of peace, making time seem to stand still. The grass underfoot was exceptionally soft, providing a gentle, soothing sensation that added to the overall sense of relaxation and well-being.

Walking through the gardens became a cherished ritual, each step on the plush grass a reminder of the resort’s dedication to creating a sanctuary for its guests. This attention to detail and commitment to harmonizing with the natural environment made our stay truly memorable. We are deeply grateful for the outstanding hospitality and the serene retreat provided by the Da Nang Marriott Beach Resort & Spa, which offered not just a place to stay but a profound experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Danang Marriot Resort And Spa - Vietnam Reviewed Ocean view Room

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