Situated in the heart of Saigon is a new five-star luxury hotel called Fusion Orginal Saigon Centre. The hotel is unique in that it is located right on top of Saigon’s best central shopping centre called Saigon centre which is located on Le Loi Boulevard in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Occupying the top 10 floors with 99 rooms and suites means that when you stay here you can shop till you drop. From Saigon centre and the adjoining Takashimaya Shopping Mall but also across the road where you can find Saigon square and the famous Ben Tanh market.

If you need a break you can simply enter the Fusion Orginal and reload your batteries for your next luxury shopping adventure. The staff and the reception were very welcoming throughout my stay, there was no way possible that anybody would check out of this hotel without being impressed. The hotel which first started welcoming guests back in  July 2022, features the latest in interior design trends that combine modern design with Vietnamese design and art.

Fusion Original Saigon Centre - Luxury Hotel In The Heart Of Saigon


For me, interior design is all about modern energy and vibe. If the colour purple and everything viola is to your taste, then you will love Fusion Original Saigon Centre. There is a nightclub ambience vibe when entering the corridor access full of different shaped mirrors. This is also progressively designed throughout the hotel and I had lots of fun doing social media images. Colours are so powerful during anyone’s hotel stay. The high energy of patterns combined with dark mood lighting allowed me to escape from the buzzing sound of bikes and the high energy within Ho Chi Minh City.

Fusion Original Saigon Centre - Luxury Hotel In The Heart Of Saigon

The enormous welcome table is wonderful to take in the reception and very user-friendly. This elongated table is a wonderful place to meet and greet new clients or other guests.  The endless usage of colour, patterns, and 3D shapes both on the wall and floors is the hotel’s signature creative masterpiece.

Fusion Original Saigon Centre - Luxury Hotel In The Heart Of Saigon

At the elevators, there is a huge birdcage, which represents wealth within the Vietnamese culture. The bigger the bird cage the wealthier one is. It is also a fun swing to use whilst waiting for the lift.

The Fusion Original Saigon Centre has integrated the aesthetic elegance of European flare design with the spiritual sense of Vietnamese culture. Using quirky framed art pieces showcasing the nón lá (leaf hat) of the Vietnamese people throughout the corridors as a reminder of being in Vietnam.

Swimming Pool And Wellness Centre

Guests staying at the Fusion Orignal have access to an exclusive infinity pool and luxury gym which is located on the sixth floor of the Saigon shopping centre.  The ever-changing skyline of Saigon makes swimming an extra adventure, it includes views towards the Bitexco Financial Tower. It also has a dedicated swimming lane for those seeking a workout.

There are comfortable lounges to soak up the sun raze and food and beverages can be purchased on the pool deck. After a swim one can head on the same floor within the shopping center to a fitness provider with all the bells and whistles to get you fit-ready. Fusion Original has teamed up with Californian Centuryon Fitness provider has the latest in fitness equipment that can be accessed during your stay. You can book yourself with a private teacher. Get a bespoke food program and use the best workout technology that money can buy. Even if you are not a gym person, do go and walk around to see what is on offer. I was told, you may bump into a local celebrity in the fitness centre.

The pool is open till 8 pm and it is worth visiting at night with amazing night views of the city. At night the Sky Deck Bitexco Financial Tower lights up. There is also a kiddie pool which is safe and relaxing, and the rain shower is endless fun too for kids.

Two-bedroom Executive Suite

I stayed with my family in the two-bedroom suite on floor 19 and it came with amazing views over Ho Chi Minh City. The day and night views are spectacular.

Two-bedroom Executive Suite Two-bedroom Executive Suite

The suite is designed with eco-consciousness in mind. Throughout this two-bedroom dining lounge space natural materials are used to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. With sleek modern furnishings and plush amenities, these rooms are ideal for both business and pleasure. What I adored was the different purple doors and gold trimmings within the whole suite, including the bathrooms.

The gold round small tables throughout the suite added that extra original touch of decor class. Round tables work well in small spaces as it means you don’t bump into unfamiliar furniture resulting in bruises. Those travelling with families certainly understand this challenge. The dedicated lounge designed within the window, allowed me to relax and peek out at the traffic and action of Ho Chi Minh City itself. IA true reminder of where I was staying whilst tucked away in this oasis building which keeps all the noise from outside out thanks to its double glazing.

Fusion Original five star hotel Saigon centre Vitenam (15) excuitive suites Fusion Original five star hotel Saigon centre Vitenam (15) excuitive suites

Upon entering the suite, I loved the dedicated kitchen sink and coffee and tea area. Keeping all the messy parts of my stay tucked away in a spacious corner. I am noticing this new trend only here in Saigon. With access to the complimentary mini bar which can be topped app using an app. There was plenty of kitchen bench at hand for extra bites needed during our stay. The modern lighting throughout the suite was lovely, cosy and had a very relaxing vibe to it.

Fusion Original five star hotel Saigon centre Vitenam (15) excuitive suites kitchen

The dedicated lounging space with very comfortable seating and lots of pillows meant whilst others were asleep I could write during the night with pleasure and comfort. There are also dedicated working desks in each of the two bedrooms.

Fusion Original five star hotel Saigon centre Vitenam (15) excuitive suites lounge space Fusion Original five star hotel Saigon centre Vitenam (15) excuitive suites lounge space

The ceilings throughout the room are so pleasing to the eye, in fact, the panelling through this suite with two-tone wall colours is why this suite feels very high-end indeed with regards to hotel stays.

Reload Pantry

The proof is in the pudding so to speak. This is the first time I am ever experiencing a Reload Pantry. Situated on the same floor as I was residing as part of the hotel corridors, there was a dedicated kitchen area in what they call a Reload Pantry with access to freshly baked cakes, cookies and fruit as well as tea and coffee. Once again using your app, you could simply notify that the pantry needed reloading.

Fusion Original Saigon Centre - Luxury Hotel In The Heart Of Saigon


The bathrooms follow the same design language with calming colour tones and clean, contemporary forms. This bathroom is all about indulging in luxurious toiletries with eco-friendly products. These thoughtful touches just enrich my stay. The lighting ambience teamed with the rain shower was a perfect wellness retreat to enter after a long stroll in a very hot city.

Fusion Original five star hotel Saigon centre Vitenam (15) excuitive suites bathrooms

Keeping a sustainable message, these gorgeous crockery top-ups of body lotions and creams meant I could use them at my leisure without the extra paper and plastic being wasted. Fusion Original is mindful of the extra wastage hotels can create. The quality work of the bathroom teamed with a grey ambience made this bathroom very relaxing to use. It had a nice feng shui to it.

Fusion Original five star hotel Saigon centre Vitenam (15) excuitive suites bathrooms

The two option shower heads meant I could have a rain shower or a smaller shower for washing thick hair. This is important during my stay with kids who have very long and thick hair. Also, my youngest daughter doesn’t like rain showers on her face. It takes out all the travel stress that presents itself when travelling as a family.

Fusion Original five star hotel Saigon centre Vitenam (15) excuitive suites bathrooms rain shower

All the bathroom amenities were wrapped in eco-friendly paper.

Fusion Original five star hotel Saigon centre Vitenam (5)

Breakfast & Restaurant Miss Thu

The food selection at breakfast and dinner will have a separate review coming soon.


Fusion Original is a hotel offering superior convenience in the heart of a luxurious shopping mall. Whether it’s small meetings or a family holiday every possible option from restaurants to nail salons, wellness, and fashion tours, this hotel caters to it all. Most of the city’s sights are only a stone’s throw away. This elegant design hotel takes great delight in promoting the joys of travel to this bustling metropolis city. Ho Chi Minh City is a multicultural melting pot, like a petit Paris. Staying here means you can choose any time of the day how to venture out and explore its oak trees and blending of colonial French architecture.


  • Room reviewed: Two-bedroom suite
  • Website:
  • Address: 65 Đ. Lê Lợi, Street, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 70000, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 (0)28 3622 2265