A few weeks back I wrote about who our business wear style icons were. So it occurred to me to advice the guys who work from home what they should be wearing. Yes the argument always stand that it does not matter what you wear at your home office, because no one is there to see you. But I dare to challenge that is not an excuse for you to stay in your PJ’s or for some of you to be working in your underwear. I have seen it time and time again.


Skype Calls

I do a lot of Skype calls to guys that either work from home or are at home and I am having a business meeting. My goodness I can’t believe what the guys choose to wear whilst I am talking to them. I mean come on they do know I am the co-founder of MenStyleFashion. My message is simple I want to see men dress well all the time. Could what you be wearing on a Skype call make or break a business deal, of course it can. What message are you conveying to your client or in some cases potential client with wearing a t-shirt, scruffy hair and clear an image that you have not left the computer in hours. Simple tip always have a shirt on hand, white is always good and a comb your hair just in case for those unexpected calls. But for most of the time your Skype calls are planned anyway.


Knock At The Door

Now depending on your line of work it’s not uncommon for knocks on the door. Even if it’s a postal delivery as far as I am concerned you’re working from home and therefore your state of mind should be that. When meeting people what is your message to them. Well auditing in unexpected visits from your work place is one you can expect at times. Let’s also say you have to go and see a client not written into your agenda, it is best to be well dressed and ready to go.


Moral Motivational Dressing

It can be very lonely working from home, and you need to break the ice from leaving your kitchen to going into your home office. It gives your brain a message that the work day has began and to balance that manotany of everyday being in the same place all day long. Dressing for work can break the monotony.

Plus slowly working form home you can put on weight easy because you’re not moving as much. If you have not gotten into that business suit often the proof will be in the pudding. Weight gain is an increasing issue for many of us today. One that we can’t ignore anymore. You only have one body and you should look after it.

The following images are our followers showing us how on a casual front. Dress well and it will make you motivated to reach your targets. Its up to you.

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Dress The Message

We do judge a book by its cover and we are conditioned more so than ever of taking people at first glance by simply looking at what they are wearing. You may mean to make this judgment.  but its simply years of social conditioning taking over. Our decision process can and will go into autopilot. If you want people to listen to you, there’s an important lesson here.

The clothes you wear and the way you groom yourself will change the way other people hear what you say. It will subconsciously tell them if you’re like them or if you’re different. It will determine whether they listen or ignore you. or more so  trust or distrust you as an employee or a potential client looking after their business. Make the effort the rewards out way sloppy lazy dressing.

How you dress yourself changes who you are. It changes the value of what you have to say. At least to the people who are looking and listening.