Our Facebook is very powerful and for this reasons when one of our followers send us images about his personal style. It makes perfect sense to talk about it. MenStyleFashion is all about encouraging you to experiment on what suits you and then you sharing with us why your style is worth writing about. The one thing I adore on men are tight shirts. It just gives a man an air of power and prestige. So if your shirt is so pristine then why is it that you neglect the male side of grooming. I am finding very much that a lot of men loved the the beard but are not willing to make the effort. It also seems you guys forget the smaller things on your body and I am talking about your nail biting ethics. Here are my 5 tips for you:

Accessorise Your Shirts

Now the white classic shirt will never change but you certainly can give it your own special flare. Braces and bow ties are so cute and powerful for young men. In these images attention to detail is what has caught my eye. That is what you guys are all about. It is in your DNA attention to detail. Braces are easy to throw on and off and so are bow ties. But the key is to choose the ones that represent your personality. The reason is that when you’re noticed in public it gives an idea of who you are.

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Look After Your Nails?

There is nothing more unsettling and off putting when a men has un kept nails. Too long is not flattering, and dirt under your nails after a weekend of gardening is certainly not going to go down well in a business meeting. Are you a nail biter, this image in business is not good. I have seen men infront of me in meetings biting their nails. Make sure you ask someone if you are one of those guys. Do everything you can to stop doing it.


Do You Forget To Shave Your Neck?

Unless you have a beard it seems shaving your neck is something guys forget to do. Also the back of your neck is unflattering as well. Make sure when you’re at a hairdresser, that they take care of this part. After 3-4 weeks make sure someone does this again for you. It certainly depends on the jobs you are working in. But even so it seems very odd in deed if you are clean shaven and you don’t shave your neck.

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Does Your Beard Smell?

Recently I have got addicted to smelling beards. That beard model Ricki Hall got me onto this, when I was allowed to smell his beard during an interview. In fact he encouraged it. It seems odd to begin with but now I can truly say that with the beard oils out there is more reason to get closer to the bearded man. It also gives out a great message that he has made great effort to see you.

Ear Piercing

Not talked about much but if you’re going to go for it, update your earrings. Yes you can tell when that stud has not been taken out for, for years. Take a chance and choose something that will get you noticed. I am not sure what people think these days of guys with piercings, but I guess if Lewis Hamilton does it, then it certainly should give you an idea. Your ear piercing messages is a lot more powerful that you think. Diamonds are more and more seen on men and I would encourage you to have ago.

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