How often do we have a gut feeling and we try to ignore it by saying, “Maybe, I’m being paranoid.”? However, if you feel something is going wrong, that’s because it usually is. Especially if you’re in a relationship or married, and you’ve been noticing the absurd and unusual behaviour of your partner for quite a long time now, trust your instinct. It is best that you take help from professional private investigators who will help you get rid of your doubts and anxiety. In case you reside in Australia and want a professional, confidential, and affordable private investigator, check out that features Australia’s leading private investigators.

How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?

If you’re also wondering about the cost private investigators charge you, we’ve done some research for you. The average hourly rate is $105 while the low-end rate and high-end rate could be around $65/hour and $200/hour respectively. The rate they charge you also depends on the following:

  • Private investigator’s experience – more the experience, higher the charges and less the experience, less the charges. It’s that simple. It can also slightly affect the quality of work.
  • The complexity of the matter – If your matter is highly complex, the firm will need to hire more people for your matter and the cost is going to be higher as well.
  • Kind of service you need – If you’re looking for more than just basic services, you will have to pay more. Services include video/photo surveillance, trial preparation, public records, mystery shopper, data discovery, background checks, etc.

Are Private Investigators Worth it?

Hiring a private investigator gives you peace of mind that the investigation will come to an end with a result without any irregularities. If it were to be done by an unprofessional, the cameras that were installed for the subject may catch the eye of any person, and they would either remove it or start an investigation against you.

If the same surveillance was to be done by a professional private investigator, they would already know the tactics of installing the cameras and conducting the whole procedure in such a way that won’t be noticed by anyone. They can also testify in the court on their findings and gather facts to present in the court in case of a dispute. Thus, leading to a smooth and meaningful investigation. Although it will cost you more than a few cents it is going to be totally worth it.

My Final Thoughts

It could be any other reason for the behavioural change in your partner than merely your partner cheating on you. Suspicion eats away trust. If you blame your partner without having valid evidence, it may end your relationship badly and if you suffer in silence then it could lead to daily fights and more problems. To end this problem, your best bet could be hiring a professional private investigator without letting your partner ever know about it (in case they’re actually not cheating on you). It will be a win-win situation!

On the other hand, the bad news could be them actually cheating on you while the good news is that you get the evidence to shove it in their face and present it in court to make proceedings easier and end your sufferings.