David Gandy Interview – What It Takes To Be a Model

David Gandy Interview – What It Takes To Be a Model

David Gandy stepping out of Three Wheeler car at London Collections Men event

London Collections: Men

As the sun rises across the streets of London on an eerily quiet Sunday morning, the embers of London Collection: Men (known henceforth as LC:M) slowly come to life as the throngs of the fashion press gather at the salubrious Hospital Club – tucked away in the midst of Covent Garden – to collect press passes, nibble on the pain au chocolates and best of all, pass a prying eye over the sartorial wears of all that are gathered.

Laptops are being readied, the logistics of cramming in as many shows as possible are being mulled over and the Fashion Glitterati start to gather. We here at MenStyleFashion will be throwing ourselves headfirst into the throngs, bringing you news on all the latest collections – from the likes of Topman Design, Saville Row and Hentsch Man – hot off the catwalks and into your homes.

And who better to get the ball rolling than male model extraordinaire Mr. David Gandy. Sit back and enjoy the ride…

David Gandy Interview

Topics covered in the interview are tips on becoming a model. What David Gandy is wearing and key pieces of clothing a man should buy. Does he Style himself? We also discuss in detail  about his involvement with his own charity called Blue Steel Appeal and much more.



David Gandy in blue suit at London Collections Men event - checking his mobile


David Gandy driving a three wheeler Car at the London Collections Men event.


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