Did you know that Kurt Cobain was jealous of Freddie mercury and he even wrote in his suicide note how he could never influence the audience as Freddie did? This surely explains the gravitational pull that people have toward legendary Freddie mercury. Whether you were a queen fanatic from the beginning or just starting to love them from the movie portrayal by Rami Malek, you must agree Freddie Mercury’s fashion idea was captivating. He was a phenomenal persona not only for his singing; but also the way he presented himself. He made the androgynous style popular, defying all the traditions of men’s fashion in ‘80s Britain.

In an era when gender nonconformity was still at its early phase, Freddie Mercury made some bold statements with his gender-fluid fashion. His bold disdain of gender binarism has made him an LGBTQ icon even to this day. In this article, we are going to explore some of Freddie mercury’s quintessential looks that you can follow.

How to Define Freddie Mercury’s Style

Classifying Freddie’s style which changed frequently throughout his career is rather tough. One way to describe Freddie’s look is to use the word ‘flamboyant’. From his glittery outfit to his shapely moustache everything about him was as original as it could be. He even went as far as to say that his aim was the showbiz, not the rock n roll.

His outfit often portrayed his theatrics as well as his fashion sense. With a degree in graphic design and having worked in a cloth store certainly fueled his passion for fashion design. In the early ’70s, his fashion was all about breaking gender norms; sequined jacket, catsuit, leotard, pleated drag-style attire, and long hair. In 80’s his looked veered toward redefining masculinity; with jeans, leather jackets, studded belts, and his signature moustache, he dared to rock lipsticks.

freddie mercury moustache

Freddie Mercury Inspired Outfits

Freddie’s style might seem daring or even downright shocking to some, but designers and fashion enthusiasts all around the world have been coming up with ideas to incorporate his fashion in their design. Freddie Mercury Jackets and Clothing is available at many fashion stores. His fashion style has inspired generations of artists to explore their boundaries. Even fashion averse people can dress like him once in a while to get in the spirit.

Apart from his rule-breaking sequined leotard or pleated skirt, he also has some cool casual looks that can inspire everyone. Here are some of the iconic Freddie Mercury fashion styles that you can follow-

Freddie Mercury Jackets

Freddie wore some of the iconic leather jackets during his stage performances; such as the famous yellow jacket that he wore in the magic tour of ’86. This military-style jacket has several variations of white and red colour. The yellow leather jacket with six front gold buckles was inspired by a Spanish opera ensemble. It was worn in Freddie’s final tour and was believed to brilliantly portray his newfound authoritative voice.

Freddie Mercury Bohemian Rhapsody Yellow Leather Jacket

Wrangler Jeans

Freddie’s light blue wrangler jeans were another famous outfit from his Live Aid concert. US brand Wrangler even announced a Freddie inspired collection shortly after the release of his biopic. While his leather pants were more shaped for fitting, his wranglers were made for comfort. If you want to steal his Live Aid performance look, don’t forget to add some monochromic tank top.

Wrangler Bohemian Rhapsody Inspired Collection

Wrangler Bohemian Rhapsody Inspired Collection

Studded Belt

Freddie’s studded leather belts are his most renowned accessories worn during the stage show. His custom made leather belts were made to look worn out but still fresh. The star-shaped studs of his belts were designed to be perfectly aligned with prongs in each arm of the stars. You can try your local vintage shop for a Freddie Mercury inspired belt.

Freddie mercury studded leather belt leatherpunk

Freddie Mercury studded leather belt @leatherpunk

Leather Pants and Leotards

Snug leather pants were Freddie mercury’s signature outfit. He preferred bold, bright colours and various patterns for his leather pant.  When it comes to colour, subtlety was not in Freddie’s dictionary. From bright yellow to signature black, everything was in his wardrobe.

leather trousers for men


Thin framed dark glasses were Freddie’s signature eyewear. Paired with his black leather jacket, these sunglasses gave him a more tough look. You can find Freddie style aviator in your local stores as well as in branded shops.

Freddy Mercury sunglasses

Studded Armband

‘80’s Freddie Mercury was seen wearing a matching armband with his studded leather belt. In his Live Aid concert in Wembley, he created his most iconic yet simplistic look with a studded armband and belt which was a stark contrast with his white tank top. The studs were either of spiked or pyramid variation.

Freddie Mercury Style studded Leather Armband Leatherpunk

Freddie Mercury Style studded Leather Armband @Leatherpunk


Freddie’s footwear choice was the exact opposite of his expression of showmanship with his attire. This might be the one time that he kept utility above his theatrical swank. He preferred functional Adidas that allowed him to roam freely around the stage. A pair of white sneakers can easily give you both a signature Freddie mercury look and some comfort.

On a final note, Freddie Mercury is still considered one of the most charismatic singers of all time, for his legendary persona. Even today’s pop icons such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry are greatly inspired by his fashion. One of the most unique features of Freddie’s style is that anyone can adopt his style, regardless of their gender. Even when he toned down with the colour experiment, he didn’t forget to accessorize it with something edgy. If you want to try out Freddie’s style, throw in a Freddie mercury themed party. One of the easiest ways to dress like Freddie would be to follow Rami Malek’s costume from Bohemian Rhapsody; as they are made up of more contemporary stuff. You can ask your friends to dress up to their favourite Freddie inspired outfit and see who can outrun Freddie!