David Gandy – The New James Bond of Fashion

David Gandy – The New James Bond of Fashion

David Gandy for Johnnie Walker 2012

David Gandy

David Gandy is considered the new James Bond of fashion. The British icon loves the occasional drink, beautiful women and (sticking true to male form) fast, vintage cars. Having the full package; the accent, the body and that classic look makes him the ultimate contender for the role of The James Bond of Fashion. Whatever David promotes, wears, and – lets not forget – drinks (Johnnie Walker in the case of the image above), instantly attains recognition from the majority of the male population. David could be considered the pinnacle of advertising commodity. His British charm works wonders in promoting luxury goods,vintage cars and wide ranges of  fashion. His trends, style and sex appeal have finally put men into the exploitation category. Men are now feeling the pressure to take pride in their appearance.

David, being a man continuously on the move, never likes to sit still. Although, in his own words: “I could live anywhere in the world but I choose London”.  For David, London is the perfect platform to influence men’s fashion directly and steer men into a mindset where being fashion conscious is ok and encouraged. Further reinforcing his James Bond image (Bond being the master of class, power and prestige) Gandy is clearly shaking the foundations of the men’s fashion world and leading men towards approaching  fashion in a positive manner. David Gandy has set the pace when it comes to mens fashion, finally convincing an incredible number of men to ditch the “can’t be asked” mindset and grab style by the horns. ‘Dress to impress’ should be a habit not a chore.

Britain, London and David

Britain’s strong heritage in style and history for men, has always had a very powerful influence in the world of fashion. David, you could say, has now become a part of that heritage. Showing and giving men options to consider when it comes to dressing well, is impacting major changes in men’s media. One being; male grooming and the other a clear message of getting to the gym (Gandy is evidence that the hard work pays off!). More importantly, David is setting the bar for all guys to start thinking about why it is important for men to take an interest in their appearance.

Food for thought?

Just putting it out there; could David Gandy be the FUTURE JAMES BOND? Let’s face it he certainly ticks all the right boxes!

London Collections: Men

David sat on the British Fashion Council committee to launch London Collections Men earlier this year. Men’s fashion can be so much more versatile, adaptable, and influential in London. Thanks to models like David, clearly showing that men are finally taking more notice of the fact, they too need to up the ante when it comes to their appearance. Hence why, this January, London Collections Men 2013 is here again, for the second time running.


The Body

David’s simple full-body routine can be done almost anywhere – all you need is a couple of dumbbells and a free weight bar. To be fair David does state that there is no magic secret to getting his body. It’s all about good eating, hard work and not denying yourself some treats along the way. On average he  trains 6 days per week  for 45min. So men, what are you waiting for?! No pain, no gain!

His Style

David looks good in anything! From underwear, to jeans, to a three piece suit and on some occasions (aka, always), naked. I think it’s fair to say some men just have it all. However David is as down-to-earth as they come, a real man’s man. Listen up men! David is not afraid to tap into his feminine side. Which I think is the way forward, men don’t always have to hide behind emotionally hard facades. David is the guy that shows and illustrates to all men that you don’t have to be afraid of fashion. But this means nothing if you don’t look in the mirror and ask yourself; Why am I wearing, what I am wearing?  Do the clothes I choose to wear represent me?  The person I want to be?  If so, do I wear and embrace men’s  fashion with confidence?


Revenge is sweet and gentlemen it’s time for you to grasp one thing: when it comes to men, style and fashion – most of us women are wanting more and more. We too like to see men well dressed and in some cheeky cases, not dressed at all! In a nutshell; you could grab yourself a Johnnie  Walker, sit around the table in your D&G underwear and make self-improvement a habit. Make sure you download his latest app on how to get his sculpted body!


David Gandy British Model Mercedes Gullwing

David Gandy’s dream car; Mercedes Gullwing.

David Gandy modelling for Dolce & Gabbana

Do you want to be on your way to get the body? Download Davids app!

David Gandy loves his Vintage cars

David sets the bar for men, where style and vintage cars are involved.

David Gandy Lucky Brand 2012 Free Your Festive Spirit Motorbike Fashion

Make sure you embrace style and fashion with open arms (and a rather sexy, smoldering look)!

DAVID GANDY modelling for M&S

Remember: Dress to impress! Even if its to impress yourself!

David Gandy’s Official Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/OfficialDavidGandy

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