Hats and Berets – How Men Are Wearing Them Right Now

Hats and Berets – How Men Are Wearing Them Right Now

hats for men 2013

Hats and Berets

Winter has well and truly settled in and the hats are out in mass. In these pictures the men are wearing their hats so well, so if you’re looking for inspiration you’ve come to right place. They are showing us that it’s imperative you have the right HATtitude – were so funny here at MenStyleFashion.com. Hats for men is about “uping” your style and setting yourselves apart from other men. For example; if you’re trying to impress somebody, you can’t go wrong with a  fedora. Experiment with different materials, colours and patterns to coordinate with different types and styles of outfits.  These days it’s not what style hat you go for, it’s about how you wear it!  Confidence is key and nothing says self-assured like a bowler hat.

The beret is very underrated when it comes to being classed as sexy. It’s oozes style, fashion and confidence. When I see men walking with a beret they exude HATtitude. The beret looks street-smart and my favourite complete look is when men wear it with a pinstripe suit.

Whatever hat you choose, make sure you coordinate it with what you’re wearing and where you’re going. Be inspired by the men below and go get your hat on.


The Expendables Film - Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham in the latest movie, Expendables 2 rocked the beret style through out the movie.

bmx boy style - three piece tweed suit - barret

Nice stylish rider with his HATtitude.

Blue Barret

Cool super cool and loving that bakerboy cap.

men's hat

Make sure you are waiting in style with your hat.

Brown hat and suede bag

Loving the look and hat – eapescially with the bag

brown wool hat and velvet jackets

How stylish are these two and that hat just completes the outfit

Manners Marketh The Man pinstripe hat suit black

Pinstripe suit looks perfect with hat’s

black hat and black cape for men

Black on black looks amazing

red shoes for men and hats

Loving this look and those shoes are just fabulous

blue hats for men wool

Well blue on blue looks just great with those shoes.

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