Double Collar Shirt – Double the Looks

Double Collar Shirt – Double the Looks

If there is a shirt – for this winter – that you should make a priority to own then the double collar shirt is it. From Ted Baker London, to Zara Man and, lets not forget, Paul Smith – the double collar shirt is the new ‘it’ item for men this season. It’s versatility can give any outfit, the edge it needs to go from cheap to chic.

It’s the detail in some of these double collar shirts, that is enthralling people. The concept has been around for a long time, we know, but the added twist is in the two different colours or patterns layered over each collar. Not to mention the quirky collars that are available with the square buttons.

Choose Your Collar and Colour

The key to choosing your double collar shirt is the colour. Make sure you understand your colours and what works for you. Avoid choosing colours that make you look pale. If you’re not completely sure on your colouring, then choose a colour that matches or complements your eye colour. If in doubt stick to safe colours, the double collar will be enough to give life to your outfit. Black  shirts with double collars look amazing but please don’t be afraid to go for more adventurous colours! Patterns are not to be avoided either! Embrace the controlled chaos of paisley and stripe!

The Interview

Whether it’s your first date or an interview to up your game career-wise. A double collar shirt could be just the lift you need. It’ll leave a positive impression to all those who see you. Trust me when I say you’ll leave a long standing impression with the double collar. It can also be an indicator that you are an adventurous person and are willing to take risks – even if its just through your wardrobe – employers love that.

7 Camicie

With over 300 stores in 30 countries, Italian business 7 Camicie knows how to lead when it comes to shirts for both men and women. Their shirts are amazing generally, but it has a dedicated section for double collared shirts and the collections are continuously changing. In fact they have 777 models of Italian shirts to choose from world wide.

Website: 7 Camicie


7 Camicie Double Collar Shirts for men

7 Camicie, a great starting point from which to choose your double collar shirt.

7 Camicie Double Collar Shirt

7 Camicie, match it up with a nice tie.


Claudio Lugli Shirt - Double Collar Shirt

Keep your blazer, suit jacket simple this Claudio Lugli shirt will sort out the details.

Dearborn - Double Collar Shirt

Choose the darkest colour in your shirt  and team it with your jacket

Epsy Double Collar Shirts for men dark blue

How amazing does this look, it’s all in the details.

Evening Shirt - Emma Willis

Instead of wearing the traditional white shirt this festive season, try a double collar shirt.

Pashion Dinner Suit Vest - Ted Baker

Ted Baker London vest paired with a double collar shirt and you’ll know you look good.


Riccardo - Double Collar Striped Shirts for Men

If you want to be remembered this shirt is an attractive start.

Shawl Dinner Suit - Ted Baker London

This festive season team this Ted Baker suit with a double collar shirt and you’ll just look gorgeous

Zara Men - Double Collar Shirt

Zara Man double collar shirts in store right now, it goes for a more simple design, perfect for day wear.

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