Suits – Tips On How To Update Your Suit For 2013

Suits – Tips On How To Update Your Suit For 2013

Burberry prorsum 2013 mens suits

Suit Update

Men’s fashion trends tend to move in much slower cycles than women’s and this is particularly true for suits. Great to see the classic suit has had a make over. The current suit trends looks very youthful and very adaptable to anyone looking for a different suit attire. This winter the suit trend is tight, black and grey. The tight fitted trousers look so modern and refreshing to see. In addition, this winter is all about layering the clothes. Charlie Chaplin image is strong for the fashion label Ice- berg.

Double breasted jackets look great right now

The double breasted suit look is so attractive right now. It is one inspired by all things vintage. This bucks the current ‘masculine’ trend as the key is a more relaxed waist line (but never boxy).

Single breasted

Single breasted with single button tends be better if you’re 5.10 or above as often a low set button tends to shorten the torso; but check each designers placement. The tight fitted look is the way forward for this winter.


Choose padding rolling down past the shoulder and into the arm creating broader shoulders very popular with British designers. Avoid padding finishing precisely at the bone (Italian, American designers), unless you’re very broad or particularly like this cut. A slightly broader shoulder tends to flatter and will heighten the V.


The accessories of hat’s a and scarves just finish the look. Loving the barre hat and how they are teaming it with fitted suits. The two tone bow ties are slick. The polka dot shirts just add a trendy look and works so powerfully with the suit.

The pointy, patent leather shoes work  with this current trend and are going to be huge this winter.

Fabric Choices

As we return to classics, (classic 30s designing/option for the three piece) classic fabric is sought after:

  • Wool – the clear favourite, a super wool of thread count 120-150 is great; for extreme climates summer and winter suits best at 100 and 200
  • Cotton – makes a lovely suit, best for informal due to creasing – nice change for summer – & great for seasonal events and weddings white, cream, tan or navy


When investing in a suit there are two colours which are classic and safe for business attire  blue and grey. And within these colours navy blue and charcoal or light grey tend to be the most popular. Colours for business suits don’t tend to follow fashion and blue and grey remain wardrobe staples. You also want to consider your skin colour and tone  tan looks great on a darker or mediterranean skin, the colour blue will suit most lighter completions.

Another reason why navy blue and charcoal or light grey are so universally popular across the globe are that they suit almost any completion.

Light grey in particular can look really chic in a smart understated way that navy and charcoal can not teemed here with a light grey tie, this 30s/60s inspired suit looks great.

Creative Statement

Unless you work in high fashion or want to make some sort of creative statement. Embrace pink, purple and bright colours but it does depend what your work environment  flexibility is? Hopefully relaxed Fridays allows you to do this?

Tiger of Sweden Autumn Winter - men's grey suits

Tiger of Sweden Autumn Winter 2013


Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2013 – Single breasted jackets

burberry prorsum 2013 mens suits

Burberry Prorsum, 2013, double breasted jacket, Very James Bond.

Iceberg 2013 tweed - grey suit

Iceberg 2013 – Tweed grey suit

Iceberg mens blue suits 2013

Iceberg men’s Blue suit 2013

Zegna 2013 men's suits

Zegna 2013 men’s suits

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