Denim for Men – Tips For The Coming Summer

Denim for Men – Tips For The Coming Summer

Denim Shirts- For men 2013

History of Denim

The denim material has been around for a long time. It’s amazing how this powerful fabric still remains the most popular material out there. Ever wondered where the word came from? It’s a French word De Nimes, which means from Nimes, where the first denim fabrics were made. Research shows from 2007, the worldwide denim market equalled USD 51.6 billion. Wow hey. Have you ever thought where most denim is produced?  Over 50% of denim is produced in Asia, specifically China, India, and Bangladesh.

It’s very rare to find no one wearing denim anytime of the year let alone age. Do we ever get bored with our denim wear. Yes we can and we do. So how do you alter your existing denim attire or look for 2013. The trend in denim now is all about layering and adding accessories to your jeans.

Denim Shirt With Blazer

As you can see in the featured image you notice that a trend for 2013 is to wear a denim shirt with a suit or blazer. A classic denim shirt will relax the tailored suit jacket. By placing it under the linen-blend blazer. This is now redefining tailoring to a whole new level.

Denim with Denim

Personally no matter who you are, I think double denim is an overkill. If you want to get someone off balance then go for it. By teaming it up with some accessories you can soften the overpowering of double denim. You can do this with braces or adding a hat to the combination, like the guy below. The fact that he chooses two different denim colour tones also softens the look.


Denim Shirts- For men 2013 and Trousers

Roll ups and Loafers

Roll Ups are big for 2013, this is nice to see especially in the warmer months. Take care on your length of your jeans but be careful if you have very short legs. Read more on how to wear roll ups or cuffed trousers here.

Denim Jeans - Roll ups for men 2013

Wearing cardigans with your roll ups adds a nice spring touch. The great thing about denim is you can add as much colour you like to your upper wear.



Dressed up accessories certainly will update your denim look. Braces, ties, scarves or chunky chains certainly give an edgy feel to your jeans. Your accessories expresses about how much fun you can add to your denim.

Denim accessories for men 2013 and scarves

Love the detail in this. The scarf and bracelet states alot about who this guy is?


Denim - for men and chunky chains 2013

The chunky chain makes it interesting to look at.


Loafers, Brogues and Slippers

They look great with jeans and it’s about the statement you want to make. I like the sockless approach it certainly makes your denim look different.

Denim trousers - Blazers for men 2013


Blazers always go well with your denim. It’s just about choosing your colour. Dark color blazers look great with light denim. You can add a tie for that more formal casual flare.

Denim jackets for men - 2013 Carlos Pena

Notice these guys are choosing to add different designs and fabrics with their denim.


Denim Dark - roll ups for men 2013

Blue on blue can look cool. Just make sure the shades of blue you are going forward don’t clash. Be aware of what colour and shape undergarment you go for. White and blue always work.


Denim Dark Red - roll ups for men 2013

Red denim always looks great with anything. It’s perfect for spring and gives a powerful message about you.


Denim Dark - Shorts for men 2013

I am not a fan of denim shorts but I have to say I love how he has put this together. He certainly has mastered the layering effect here. Oh no is that trainers I am seeing?

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