Winter Colours – Our Top Style Tips

Winter Colours – Our Top Style Tips

As those long winter nights draw in and gloom descends across the land, gentlemen who normally seek solace in casual summer collections must now seek the safety of the wardrobes seasonal bunker, as the pleasant shades of summer now hibernate with the setting watery sun. But wait, maybe not! You can go with the heard and head for traditional dark winter coloring or use subtlety to glam up that warm wooly stuff with a little brighter splash and turn your once slumbering collection into a winter wonderland. Bolder colors like orange and russet will see you though the gloomy months providing you use them with care.

 Keep It In Perspective

Bright is right on a tropical island, but for the harsh winter reality check you can seriously consider more the muted tones of the color palette, learning from jack Frost as you go. Tones of burnt orange, earthy rich burgundy and green and even adding violet just for the hell of it, will raise your game in the fashion stakes considerably. You have the advantage of December and January no rapidly becoming the sale season and it might be useful to hold back on traditional clothes spending until you have rustled up autumn bargains to accessorize those black jeans and stylish camel overcoat.

Chesty More Gain

Thanks to better health awareness, the two-ing and fro-ing of men from the local gymnasium meant it was inevitable that the humble sweatshirt would emerge from a hot and sweaty afterthought to become cool daywear from the likes of Adidas and Commes Des Garcons and be easy to look good in with a range of keen colors to fight off the winter blues, unless blue is you’re color (and why not?) If you require something a tad more gregarious to go out on the town with try Dolce & Gabbana who have a bright pink offering as total contrast to the green and burgundy that  the more humble among us may wear.

Never underestimate the power of the white shirt to brighten up a winter’s day. On darker more tradition suits and two-piece ensembles it can provide a point of visual reference particularly in a cool designer label. If you wish to follow the oceans of color scene, then look to Stussy’s streetwise crews and Lavin labels for visual refreshment of the brighter kind.

Be a colorful Character

The role of accessories can play such a positive part in chasing Mr.J.Frost back to his lair and lifting the gloom. Some strategic use of scarves and beanies in burnt orange can provide just the lift that’s needed and don’t forget the hipsters equivalent of a utility belt these days, the humble canvas shoulder bag or rucksack from those nice folks at Herschel Supply who can help you carry and hide a multitude of sins as well as those ‘A’ list fruit flavored electronics. While you’re at it you can stow the wayfarers in Hawaiian shirt pocket and go for the rounded colorful character shades from Dries Van Noten and Ray-Bans making you less X-Man and more ‘A – lister.

Check Mate

On a cold day it’s a warm welcome back to the check. The fashion houses have been falling over themselves this year to produce stunning offerings in that most taken for granted pattern. Shades of red, green and gold are highlighted on a bed of neutral colors to give added pizzazz .A checked scarf or overshirt will give you that rugged but contemporary look and stand out among the men in black. Team with wool trousers and have a clean fresh and above all warm look. Check trousers can easily become a point of interest against neutral separates matched with sports luxe style leather training shoes. For the more regal approach, use Prince of Wales check accented with the flavor of teal or rust and you’ll be a hit this winter and not from the snowballs!






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